Using hate towards a loving goal?

Hate is a powerful emotion. I have been feeling a lot of it lately and I don’t want to let the energy go to waste if at all possible. But I would like to use that energy to obtain a certain girl. Is that possible?

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You start a ritual by meditating on how absolutely shitty your life is, how shitty the world is and how shitty everything and everyone in it is. You don’t hold anything back or try to restrain yourself at all, you want it all to be brought to the surface.

Now in a curse when you hit the peak of rage that’s when you give your command to destroy your enemy, however in this case you want to use it as a catalyst for destroying any and all obstacles in the way from getting that one goal, this can be much harder then a curse because at the end of it you want to be filled with a sense of not only completion but also a feeling of total peace.

It is a form of spiritual alchemy, so yes it can be done.