Using fluid condensers

I’ve already used the search and there aren’t really any results of using Bardon’s fluid condensers. So anyways I created a fluid condenser from chamomile, alcohol, and colloidal gold like instructed.

I performed and evocation of Astaroth to see how effective this method is since I’ve been working with her for my Astral senses.
I set up my altar facing west, 2 green candles, with a fondue pot halfway full of the FC, with a low flame so it’ll create a mist for manifestation
I preformed the LBRP
Called on Astaroth by her different godforms(Astarte, Innana, Ishtar, etc)
Used an incantation from VK J. (Porzon Dalga Oztar Balzae noztor konzae)
I felt a bug change in my body chemistry while calling her so I can tell she was here.
I wasnt able to get a visible manifestation but I asked her via pendulum if I needed more fluid and she said yes, funny thing is while I was asking her this there were yellow sparks towards my ceiling.
Anyone have success with fluid condensers?