Using energy with massage

I have tried using my energy skills while I was giving someone a massage. I want to know if anyone else had tried it and share my methods.

Basically I do what I would usually do while giving a massage, but while I do that i extend my awareness through my fingers and extend my energy in to the muscle. This is were I start to “massage” there energy and manipulate the flow while clearing any negative energy and blocks.

Most people say that I give some of the best if not the best massages they have ever had.

Same, I always send out some positive energy through my hands while giving massages. It makes it much more tiring, but people love my massages

I used to use energy manipulation with massage. However I realized that 6-8 clients a day wiped me out bad enough even without actively using my qi, so nowadays I only use it with family, good friends or very loyal customers.

I think I would open Laogong (palm centers aka Pericardium 8) to do this rather than rely the fingertips.

And as noted, cultivate at the same time, perhaps through your crown point since both hands are busy. Then you can give the cultivated qi not your regular qi, after circulating it in the microcosmic orbit once to transmute it to Ren (human) qi, and moving it from there down your arms and out of your palms.

I never use up all of my energy. I think this is due to both a large amount of qi and I naturally produce more then the average person. I also don’t flow my in very in to them much its more like I’m controlling there qi.

Instead of giving them Qi you can control theirs woth yours. Heres a massage idea: create a Sexual Friction field on your hand and then give them a Massage…

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That is basically what I do. Also the second thing seems like a good idea.