Using EA’s Summoning of all magick powers

Just finished doing EA’s all magickal powers summoning. Did a little improvising since I didn’t have candles and it was daytime. So I just went the yoga room of our house and did it there despite the light.

The results:

At first I didn’t feel much, but after a little while of doing the chants the right side of my body, I think near my liver, felt a bit of pressure. Then came some lightheaded ness and a very small headache, but mostly just lightheaded ness. Afterwards my eyes are sore a bit. I’ve interpreted all of this as the power flowing through me. I was doing the chant to absorb great power into myself. Any thoughts?


The “Summoning of All Magick Powers” is actually the Flame Chant from the 18 Flames of the OAA, EA’s now closed magical order. It’s an okay power up, but I get more from his Invocation of Omnipotence.

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What is the invocation of omnipotence?

It is a meditation from EA’s book Evoking Eternity.