Using divination to get information about strangers

I’d like to get information about a few individuals with whom I randomly crossed paths at some point through the years and never learned who they were or anything else regarding them. Nevertheless, I still recall their characteristics and main appearance as well as the impression they gave me. Would it be possible to use a divination method such as Tarot in order to get information about who they were or anything else in general about them?

exactly…that is what the first Mastering Divination video can teach. You do not need someone else to tell you they give you their approval to do a reading on them…the cards are only there for a visual for those you do a reading for…it is all set up for you to begin to deal with the spirit world by using tools…like the circle and the triangle and smoke and insense…and then ween yourself from these whereby you are in direct contact with any spirit whenever you want to be…end result just sit in a chair and contact…or walk down the street and contact…or drive down the road and make contact…it is as if you had the spirit sit next to you or across from you and you are having a private conversation with that being. Once you reach that state, you will find yourself not coming back to this forum to ask any questions about anything…
You are your own Godhood …

Actually, I have two friends…(ha, I hear several of you asking…what? Uncle Fester has ANY friends… ?…ha …but only two…and neither of them are members or even connect on this forum…and they deal with spirits in the above way…the spirit comes several times a day with conversations and at night working in the dream world teaching them various things and experiences…and bringing other spirit beings, even many that are mentioned in the boa and on this forum and other places to aid in their education. They do not even do any ritual at all to make contact with these beings…and it has taken over 20 years of hit and miss contact with some that aided in this approach…but it is all feasible…for anyone.

So you certainly can do a tarot reading to obtain information on another human at any time. Just crank yourself down into that theta gamma range to first make contact with the spirit you prefer to deal with and make sure you have made that contact…then you can certainly be assured those cards are going to tell you the actual skinny on anything…

Uncle Fester

One thing that I have discovered from combining the methods in mastering divination is that E.A like all of his works is going “here you go, use it!” He doesn’t explicity state it (I don’t think) but it seems like using all the methods is a road to actual psychicness.

The greatest example I can see of this is the invisible tarot deck. If you start working with that and get it to work you are tapping into some archetypal symbolism of the imagination and information. If you practice that method, I thought, well, just ask the imagination to show you your answer. Got alot of strange results. Then I thought “Isn’t this what visions are?”

Next take automatic writing. If you do an automatic writing from a spirit, cool. If you do an automatic writing from yourself, also cool. What about just asking the question and listening to the answer in words mentally? And what about then combining the 2 and asking the source you want and imaging them speaking to you or other wise communicating in your minds eye.

If you put all the methods together you can just imagine the person and say “what are you doing right now, show me” or ask them a question and the imaginary person can speak to you. The dark mirror as I posted under that thread I think is a gateway to the externalized imagination. The connections to it all are I think leading in the direction where E.A. says you cannot only invoke entities but you can invoke people.

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