Using Dark "Energy" to create tissue


So, I wanted to write a topic about this for a long time but I was delaying this to at least understand more about it or to gain more common language to transmit well this info.

So, since I’m not completely familiar with the words used in the occult community (yeah, I still need to google many terms when I read, specially in english) I will be using a lot of descriptions when it comes to the “energies” I use.

So, this may be long. I thought about posting it on shapeshiftting or perhaps general discussion but I think healing is apropied since I learned this through healing.


I practice a way of healing called “Reconnective Healing” that basically means physically sensing and contacting energies and information that didn’t existed in the planet’s atmosphere until 1994. This Frecuencies of Information and “Light” came through a guy called Eric Pearl, and after a personal quest of him he ended up teaching others how to contact the frecuencies and allow healing to happen in others. It has also been studied by guys like William E. Tiller, Gary Schwartz and, the most important -in my opinion- Konstantin Korotkov (who created the new field called electrophotonic and developed the new EPI/GDV technology that allows the visualization and mesurement of the zero-point field of the bodies).

Now, the basics of Reconnective healing:

The frecuencies came to earth in an specific point. It is not just “energy” it is a broad band of energy patterns (information) that intelligently uses all the previous forms of healing energy existing on earth (such as reiki, qui gong, jin shin, etc…) and even more, to heal the bodyfield, which is expressed on miraculous healings, changes in life and level of awareness, OBE, epxeriences with spirits, finnatial gain, etc, etc. Life improvement in many levels, not just physical healing but much more than that, although in great measure, also the phyisical healing.

The principle is that those frecuencies have their own agenda and act upon their own will, so the healer instead of learning how to heal just learn to become present and destroying it’s own will to control the flows of energies, letting the frecuencies to determinate the outcome of the healing.

When the outcome is controled by the healer (and sometimes by the patient) it can lead to non so cool results, even if they were the ones that originally wanted.

The thing is that I basically don’t play by those rules when it comes to my own healing… because I’ve been experimenting with the different frecuencies I can feel and see, and the effect in the energy centers and the immediate effect in my phyisiology.

What I’ve learned:

The universe we percieve is created by “Light”, actually all we can see is light, our eyes cannot see anything that is not light. Yet, the light that comes from out of our world cannot be seen, it is actually darkness and in healing it looks dark, pitch black energy that comes from outside the universe… the “dark matter” (let’s remember our matter, visible matter, is also just light in different vibration to put it in simple). But it is also just another, broader kind of light.

The only occult concept that comes to me when I see and interact with this dark energy is the Black Maddonas (I’m not talking about the african-american personal double of the bitch idol “madona”, but about the “Black Virgin Mary” so to speak).

And of course, the nigredo.

When the energy enters the body it comes from the crown, and when it gets to a energetic knot it is disolved easily so the energy can keep flowing (it is a bit more deep than just energy, as I said, it is energy patterns that transform the information of your subtle field patterns and also your DNA which is the physiological expresion of your subtle information code).

While this happen, people often are in REM (even tho it has happened less than a minute in the table) and experiment very unnusual astral and spiritual experiences. It is common for patients to take a long sigh and stop breathing for a while and then they came back with a deep breath, as if they were just comming out of water. While that happens, the patient always tell they were in “another dimension”.

Now, if you resist to that (as I like to do) you get to a pretty funny state, your subtle body is basically getting information and energetic surgery by strange beings and while you should be in another plane, you stay there feeling how the energy pass through your energetic centers and those energetic centers are the places on the spine that recieves small electric charges that produce little nervous roots that at the same time create a fold of muscle tissue around with an specific biological purpose.

It is pretty common for people that undergoes this kind of work to recover and regenerate tissue that shouldn’t regenerate like cut tendons or dissapeared muscle.

I noticed, in my own case, balancing the muscles on my back that first you need to get full of dark energy. It feels like an absence instead of an adding tho, and once you’re full of that blackness in your field, it goes through your axiatonal lines filling certain spots in your body, and surrounded by that blakcness the physical body reacts with a big production of blood in the place, which helps to create tissue really fast.
So what I learned here is that matter is manifested in the word thanks to a vacuum… you know just like when you spin water or air you create a vacuum in the center of the tornado, the dark matter spins creating matter in the center and the first way of biological matter is nervous bodily tissue.

I discovered that when you experiment this and allow the spiritual experiences to happen you barely feel pain, it feels like simple and even pleasurable massage, but when you decided to stay it feels kind of horrible, the pain is really awful and the body moves on it’s own, it twist and when you stop breaathing you feel both as if you’re gonna die and at the same time that you can stay like that for a while.

So, that dark energy is really easy to contact, the feeling is easy to differencitate to not so easy to describe. To “contact” it into my body I usually stop breathing to trigger the same effect.

After the black energy saturate everything you reach a sudden burst of energetic “air” that travels through your body, making you feel very light and in that moment you experience great peace and pleasure, like if the nerves in you whole body were fluorishing creating the new healthy tissue.

Now, the right way to “use” this is actually to let go and allow the healing to happen. Instead of that I became kind of obssessed to discover how does it works, even tho my understanding doesn’t affect the way it works and I can really grasp it, the udnerstanding of it comes only when I’m in the experience and I need to translate into words from my perception but most of them are really non phyisiological so I dunno what words to use.

Anyway, I’ve seen the changes on people bodies (and life) and are amazing, I think it is worht study the subject, specially those who have experience in alchemy or different ways of energy healing.

The only book I know that speak of this is J.J. Hurtak’s “The Keys of Enoch”, tho it was written around the 70’s as a sudden revelation and that deals with really complicated subjects that mixes things like hebrew alphabet, biophyisics, astrophysics and metaphyisics- it is really interesting.

Of course you can read more in Eric Pearl’s book “The Reconnection: Heal Others, Heal Yourself”, but it is the history behind it and the phylosofy so to speak… another book, better if you want to learn about the medical effects is “Science confirms Reconnective Healing” by Konstantin Korotkov is a book about clinical studies performed on russian athlets and some regular folk I think, I haven’t read tho there are other medical papers writen by Korotkov that deals with such subjects, double blind clinical studies, etc…, that sort of thing.

Anyway I really want to make sense of this frecuencies from an occult point of view, tho I still need more experiences and words to describe things better.

If someone want to experience the thing by themselves look for a practitioner in the main webpage of the reconnection. I don’t really give a shit about doing healings right now lol I’m focusing on other stuff but I wanted to write this thing at least.

In short:

The production of tissue can happen “at will” if you can contact and “channel” dark matter throught your crown into your axiatonal lines. The production of tissue is an expresion of the information in your more subtle bodies, the whole expresion of those bodies are both the DNA (as biophyisical expresion) and life experiences (which acts in dynamic with determined subtle body patterns of other people, entities, places and circumstances) arranging an specific level of human experience and activating certain sense such as the ability to sense and activate this frecuencies in yourself and others only by proximity to a previous practitioner (or even espontaneusly, since you don’t know when you seat next to one in the bus).

The beigns observed in the different experiences are constantly described as “Angels” and some people actually sees a guy with a beard (yeah like Cheesus), but for the non religious folk, they describe them differently “Tall weird people with red hair” or “small guys running acros the table and tuching me everywhere”… “A white light that could talk”, “a magickal parrot”.

I think they can be a set that includes Djinns, Fae and elementals, and even angels. Each one using their own method on the person. Probable because of some old contract (the entities that contacted Eric Pearl via a guy named Fred took the names of “Aaron” and “Solomon” and gave him really creepy information).

I have got certain names and just once a canalization from a guy but the name he gave me I forgot, since it was before I entered the seminars (I learned because of a “Reconnection” I when through when I was a Reiki Healer… after that I couldn’t do reiki anymore, since the feeling was so much vast).

This may have little interest for some and more for others in this forum. I dunno if this can be applied on other ways I would like to contact the guys from the frecuencies or something, but that will be another project for the future.

If you feel you can benefit from this info or this way of healing, knock yourself out.



I am proud to be the FIRST COMMENT!

Anyway, great post! I’ll probably need this later in life, and if you know me, you’ll know that I’ll find a way to weaponize this because snowfish.

I’m really excited to try out these methods. Thanks man!


No probs, I recommend to people to get in contact with that frecuencies to “upgrade” yourself, even if you’re not looking for healing. You don’t even need to hear the healers or buy their crap, just get in contact with the frecuencies.


Hmmm…interesting. How would one go about getting in contact with these frequencies, Epic? Pathworking?


Probably the best book that I have found on healing is

Hands of Light by Barbara Ann Brennan
It is a Guid to Healing Through the Human Energy Field

Divine Revelation by Susan G. Shumsky concerns how to connect with
Cosmic Consciousness

Diane Stein has written several excellent books on Healing Karma and
Energy Balanccing

Joel Bruce Wallach has created Powerforms - there are several websites
that sell his Subtle-Energy Platse which do many things including Activating
Your Life-Force for balancing, and enhancing your body, aura and chakras


well the best way to acces it is to go with a practitioner and aks him/her to show the frecuencies to you, like “can I feel it in my hands?” and they’ll know what you mean.

You can also read the book “The Reconnection, Heal Others Heal Yourself” by Eric Pearl, that book will activate it on you right away actually, some times is more notorious since none is expecting that kind of stuff from a book (which is not a talismanic book).

Now, I must say that Eric Pearl has his onw views on the world, he doesn’t believe in the devil or demons or anything and stuff, but you don’t need to believe any specifical set of belief nor you need to be in any specifical paradigm to feel the frecuencies and work with it, is almost techincal, like fixing some mechanical stuff, just much easier.

What I did, got in contact with a healer to ask about the deal, not a healing session, just ask about, they will teld you the story and bla bla bla, and then you just ask to feel it or, if you’re like me, ask for a free 5 minutes sample to get a feel of what is like,

After that you’ll be able to feel it anywhere (at first it’ll be easier in your palms) and work with it, even help others, but it would not make you an offical healer since you need to take a seminar for that, yet you’ll be able to get the frecuencies in your body.

Probably the best book that I have found on healing is

Hands of Light by Barbara Ann Brennan
It is a Guid to Healing Through the Human Energy Field

Divine Revelation by Susan G. Shumsky concerns how to connect with
Cosmic Consciousness

Diane Stein has written several excellent books on Healing Karma and
Energy Balanccing

Joel Bruce Wallach has created Powerforms - there are several websites
that sell his Subtle-Energy Platse which do many things including Activating
Your Life-Force for balancing, and enhancing your body, aura and chakras

I know of the first one, I was reading after I learned reiki, I think that if you like that kind of subjects you may like Pearl’s book.