Using blood to break blood binds/energetic connections?

Is it possible to break a energetic connection to being/demon/etc from blood BY using blood?

To be more precise, doing a ritual (with only someone’s OWN power and will) to break all blood ties to any beings someone may have made, by using blood to power that ritual? The blood would NOT be as an offering, strictly to power the ritual. So no one other then the magician would be involved in the ritual (no physical or spiritual help + protection to keep parasites/etc away during the ritual).

Since I’ve heard energetic ties from blood are hard to break, so like fight fire with fire? Of course in a way that someone wouldn’t add new ties?

I’ve just heard that it’s not wise to offer blood, but alot of people make mistakes so I decided to think this possible solution up?

Do you mean a generic ritual to dissolve “any ties I might have made, just in case” type of thing? or
a specific ritual to dissolve ties you know you’ve made to named entities that I guess must be a problem for you?

I don’t see why not. Intention is key.

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Both technically. General and specific.

I don’t know if it IS a problem for me personally, as I am actively still working with one of them… but I don’t want any ties like that to them regardless

Oh ok. Personally I don’t believe this is a thing, but I’m not sure why people say this - maybe they had a bad experience and attributed it to the blood… but how to we know it was really the blood? There’s just so many questions about this, it seems a bit premature to absorb it into a practice without getting some answers first.

I almost always use my blood and far from noticing any ‘ties’, would wish for stronger connections than I get, without exception. Maybe that’s just me.

I think to get a tie, I’d have to put that intention into the working, AND get explicit agreement from the entity that that was going to happen and be maintained. I’ve never thought to try that.

Caveat: this is assuming the entity is a higher being and not some lesser entity that’s looking to feed and using some trick to get around being banished.

I’m also a ‘if it ain’t broke don’t fix it’ type.

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For me it’s more cautionary from hearing about entities being able to use the blood to create a tie/link to you. To feed or binding/etc. While I don’t FEEL this would be an issue, I just like to stay safe, rather then be sorry.

Although I do need to make sure a contract is null/void. So maybe I’ll do a ritual for that.

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