Using black magick to attack the entire corona virus

Possible to destroy the corona virus using magick? Legions maybe? In quantum entaglement states the single cell of a whole can affect the whole, based on intent. like a effigy and a hair or picture to the targets unique energy signature…idk i havent tried to attack illness with magick. Whats all ur ideas on possibly better ways to stop this virus using magick?

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I just cant grasp why u would want to.

1- No, u will not succeed in destroying it. It makes no difference how powerful, and how many of u there are.
2- Use it. For ever person infected, I gain x…OMFG, this is a godamn treasure trove and ur just gonna pass it up being a hero ??? I don’t understand humans…never will
3- Your not stopping something that follows the design of entropy. Things mutate, evolve over time, and the virus is probably the weaponized result of _______________(left blank on purpose) …This means the system put in place to resist the entropic dispersal of the biological agent will have to be far more complex than anything we currently have.
4- Each individual viral cell in each person has the potential to mutate into something deadlier and different, no matter how identical the RNA /DNA is viral cell to viral cell. This is too complex of a system for magick to tackle in a straightforward manner.

That said, i fearlessly state i don’t wish you to succeed. I do not hold humankind’s interests…This virus isn’t even a pebble striking a pond with the mechanization that will be arriving next. The virus is a TEST if u think about it to see how prepared we are, and NO ONE is prepared for a pandemic that would be far deadlier. Its a test to see how fear will push ppl to react…

AGAIN< the fear itself is a feast…Can u not see the gains u can reap from this…I won’t speak on the virus ever again…Those of us who do not wish for humankind’s continuance on Earth are few, and the majority will see my statements as something to ignore or overlook…so pay me no mind.


That makes two of us.


I already got my luxury bunker with a hot tub , library , fridges of food, water , And tons of weed, for the next pandemic ,


So you have a pillow fort with a second-hand foot bath, a box of old Mr. Men books, hot pockets, mountain dew and kale?


Well, according to my recent observations people here would be kinda dead by now because of their stupidity alone if it would be something scarier, like hemorrhagic fever. But maybe thats just me and a room full of toilet paper and dry noodles will cure us all. Who knows.


No I’m part of the elite 1% :crazy_face: , got a doctor in here too


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