Using Astrology with bane/lust/love

Obviously, restraining magick based upon Astrological timing is absurd.

However, astrology is nevertheless potent, which is why it’s advantageous to conceptualize yourself with your astrological chart.

This is why I’m surprised there isn’t more emphasis on astrology when conducting rituals toward someone.

Having their personal objects or a piece of themself is great, but thinking of the person within their astrological relation is likewise empowering.

The most optimal would be to ascertain their full birth information, and then print or draw out their chart, using it in the ritual. Obviously, this cannot always be determined, but it isn’t a bad idea to collect this information on important people in your life :wink:

Does anyone incorporate astrology with their baneful/lustful , etc workings?


One really does not need to restrain magick due to astrological timing as the planets are always aspecting at any given time. Every day can be a good day for a particular spell. The magician simply needs enough of an understanding of Astrology to see that.

I don’t, but I don’t really believe in astrology. I tend to place it in the same category as the idea of a flat earth: an outdated idea born from a lack of understanding of the world around us.

Yes, I know. Maybe you thought I meant something else?

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That’s more for readers who think otherwise. Didn’t want to make a separate post just for a few lines of text. :sweat_smile:

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Interesting, personally I’d argue some observations in astronomy and physics would point toward it being legitimate. Like how magnetic connection exists between the Sun and planets.

Never mind the fact much terrestrial phenomena is ramification of the Moons orbit.

Do you believe in planetary magick?

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Yes. I’ve been working with and reading the planets for years.

Edit: Oops sorry you weren’t talking to me.


No. I think the planets can be an effective channelling and summoning medium, but I’d place them in the same catagory as a ritual tool.
That being said, as ritual tools can be imbued with energy over time, I believe the planets have come to harbour some power. However, I think their power comes from our use of them rather than in inherent magical connection.
It’s important to remember that magic, although it can be made to interact with the world and guides certain aspects of it, flows separately to our physical plane. Thus, I’d say it’s a stretch to look at physical phenomenon and use it as sole proof of an objects magical relevance.

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Its alright, don’t feel you can’t throw your two cents in the hat

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You make a good point. However, I personally believe in animism, and that every object -especially natural - can be considered as a numenon and interacted with. But whether or not their ‘magickal traits’ are inherent or human projection is another issue entirely.

Definitely agree with you in part, at the least human projection has strengthened their significance.

I think a good comparison are ritual candles: many colors change over cultures. However, red does invoke passion, sexual stimuli, and aggression whithin the human mind. So it has an objective significance to humans, but whether this is inherent to the color is another question.

Similarly, using say, sulfur, for lust magick would seem strange, because the odor it produced.

But whether this just has to do with a relation between our biological impulse - and therefore conception and magick- or something inherent about the sulfur is up to you to decide!

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I made sigils from the natal charts of some famous people I wanted to meet (unfortunately, I forgot how I did this, doh!) & embroidered them onto a pillow I filled with appropriate herbs. I brought it with me to the concert (it was the band members) & I met 2 of the 4 at their hotel after the show. They are a big, very famous band (the concert was at Soldier Field). I think if I used more intention & believed in it more, I would’ve met all 4. I think I used my natal chart, too & also made a sigil connecting our natal charts with a sigil for the night of that concert or something. Damn, I wish I could remember. This was over 20 years ago & the pillow/poppet got lost.


I don’t think the literal position of giant balls in space directly effect events here on Earth, but the positions of the Moon, Sun, planets, and stars do mark out cycles in time of various lengths, and these, I believe, can be shown to have direct correspondences with various events on Earth. People born in February or March have a higher likelihood of developing schizophrenia, for example, and it’s conceivable that a mother’s changing diet throughout the year’s seasons would affect the developing brain of a fetus and consequently its personality. Likewise, the lunar cycle is correlated to melatonin levels, the time it takes to fall asleep as well as depth of sleep, and something like the Saturn return is linked with natural psychological stages of development like growing into adulthood, midlife crisis, and impending death.

Your average newspaper horoscope is still probably capitalizing on the Forer effect though, heh.


I don’t think the literal position of giant balls in space directly effect events here on Earth, but

But then you go on to list ways in which the position of the planets does affect events here on Earth. :joy:

Especially the Saturn mention. They say every 7 years our body goes through a significant change. Every 7 years Saturn is ‘majorly’ aspecting itself.

Diversity of belief is great, it expands our perspectives. Though, there is something about Astrology, that I see even in the occult community, where people approach it with a 10 foot pole. I’m not sure why that is.


I view them the same way as I do the second and minute hands of a clock: when they’re in a certain position that means it’ll be daylight outside and in another it’ll be nighttime, but that doesn’t mean the literal position of the clock hands is directly causing day or night. They just mark the passage of time.

I mean, the whole scientific paradigm shift from geocentrism probably has a lot to do with it. :man_shrugging: