Using angels of Omnipotence in ritual uses

I was reading 3 angels of Omnipotence that are Elubatel, Ebuhuel, and Atuesuel are called on to “to drive forth the monsters of hell” and summon Leviathan. Seems like feasible to use in summoning archangels, angels, demons. Opinions anyone?

The angels of Omnipotence can be used to almost anything, if you are creative and with the correct knowledge of their powers and mysteries. But for “biblical demons” like Leviathan, you can use Lucifer and the Hidden Demons method that is for me the most powerful and quick in results (it’s also easy for beginners and very good for advanced magicians)


Well truth be told I’ve had some good success with the angels of omnipotence, yeah they can bring some upheaval but it’s usually to set you on the right path but during some chaos I was going through my life got set on the right track. The Angels of Omnipotence are definitely an experience. I do not view anything them as malicious or negative as some people do and it’s usually these types aren’t clear on what they want or having limitations on how the magick would come to them or just simply lack the Will . I guess me being stubborn and headstrong has its uses lol


Most of the Angels of Omnipotence backslash is because of people don’t assume a position of “god-form” or in other terms, a self-deserving mindset. Some people report feeling depressive because of “not doing their part of the work”, and others feeling that they gonna kill them (yep, someone said that Uiazel come with such a powerful aura that the person thought that the angel will attack). Falling in awe with entities is not something advisable. I’m glad you has success with them! Keep up with the mindset.