Using a spirit for online stuff

Can you summon a spirit and use it to teach you stuff like coding etc?

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That spirit would probably lead you to books and tutorials.

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Very true, but i meant like instant learning for example coding or something

Is instant even possible? Lol

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You can invoke the code into yourself

Probably not. Unless you share the knowledge of the egregore of the code.

How? Lol

You will be redirected to books


But you could use the help of a spirit to increase your memory and help with practice

That would be helpful, what demons/spirits can help with that? If you don’t mind sharing

Just call them.


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Can you hear spirits?

No ): sadly i am kinda new

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Yes, pretty much what @MagusOfGamaliel said, however, someone made a thoughtform I think on here that its main purpose was things related to the internet, technology, etc, you might be interested in. Personally I usually never suggest using thoughtforms but it might help.

Any particular reason?

I’ll check it out later, thanks

Because I don’t like the idea of feeding thoughtforms attention, because now a days there’s thoughtforms of real entities, or people confuse thoughtforms for real entities. I’ve met thoughtform versions of well known deities, demons, angels, and so forth and they’re like pests. However, given I stopped projecting to the astral and went more etheric I haven’t dealt with them anymore but during the time I have it was pretty annoying.

Understood. So, the thoughtform should only be used in a controlled way. Lets say… if ONE creates a thoughtform for any given purpose.

Do you think the thoughtforms you met may have believed they were the real thing?

I don’t mind thoughtforms that are used for specific reasons and discarded or kept, but yes there’s a few thoughtforms who really believe they are that entity. The thoughtform I met of Set followed its mythology so well to a point it believed it was him, but that’s due to the creator(s) who consciously or unconsciously created him.

That may explain a lot of things…

Now I’m curious. Maybe there are thoughtforms of fictional characters.

Thanks for the answer.