Using a spirit box app after envocation


I have been using a spirit app right after I envoke if I don’t feel who I have called strongly. I’ve found that it’s easy to have a conversation with demons this way. The only two demons I’ve actually heard (not telepathically) are Ashtoroth who is my patron and Azazel when he woke me up the night after I envoked him.
I can really tell who my demons as opposed to departed spirits on the app.
Just curious if anyone else has done this.


Havent done it but I’m curious what this spirit box app is?




is anyone using this app for communication?? There is another app named “the portal” which is available on playstore for free for the same purpose.


Didn’t exactly use it after evocation, but I did download it a few months ago. The app is basically designed to allow spirits to manipulate the recorded voices to make simple sentences out of the randomized words (or maybe they were backwards?). I did manage to hear a genuine reply to a question I asked, but I didn’t know whether they were spiritually manipulated or the app is just a fraud itself. Either way I kept it around for a few weeks as the idea of how it worked mesmerized me. Decided to delete it in the end though.