Using a photo as a sigil

I know you can put a sigil on a photo. But has anyone used a photo as the sigil with good results. I was looking at one and found myself getting in a trance but pulled back out.

Would it work if you wanted to get someone to contact you? I know anything could work… but does anyone have good luck with it as a tool?

Yes, you can use a photo like a sigil.


Yes, you definitely can. Found that it also works even if it’s not the actual photo of the person and it’s simply his/her online avatar and the like.

IME I work on a digital art of the person’s avatar or usual symbolisms related to him/her, pour my emotions and intentions to it and use it as a sigil. I used it in both attraction and cord-cutting, not for contact though, but so far it’s been effective.

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Could you use a photo of a diety/God/demon/etc as a sigil to contact them? Instead of opening an actual sigil?

Thank you!! Im going to sit down and give it a try and see. Can’t hurt to see what happens. Im gonna give it a try on someone else, a friend im already kind of talking to on a every now and then basis and see if i can even do it and make it work.

Yes, you can use an image of a deity. It would be no different than using a statue or drawing.