Using a pendulum ... is it useful for tough life situation questions, or is another form of divination more error free?

While I dont advocate fortune telling for critical life situations, Im kind of open at this point.
I am really struggling on where to live right now. I have free room and board right now, but there are identical frustrations to where I would move back to, where I dont have a place to live, and dont have a job there.
I can see the benefits of the prior state, medical marijuana is legal, which can be a money generator by being a caregiver (though ten years late to that party, though now I know two growers I could go to advice for … as well as medical insurance is easier to obtain, food pantries are reachable, and there is a bus system in place.

I appreciate the help from my friend here, but once reality set in, it is now a worse situation mostly on my end.

So, to avoid causing a divorce, and to get shit done, I want to move back, but there are the obvious two problems there.

So what is the best divination method for situations such as this?


Divination relies on the individuals skill.


If it was me I’d stack them and do a reading (one each, with a clear mind, well fed and maybe after a walk or workout) with I Ching, Tarot (get one done if possible, you’re really good but your emotions may influence what you see), and Book of Fate.

Pendulum’s a tool you need years of experience with before trying to make big decisions (IMO) because the fewer possible answers available, the higher the odds of getting it wrong.


I’ve been under the impression that a pendulum is similar to a Ouija board in the way that the spirits around you are what gives the answers by making the pendulum swing.


I will get back to this after tomorrow. I do have thoughts on what you said. Don’t worry, nothing bad just an other viewpoint to consider.


In this situation I would recommend getting divination from Ifa or Diloggun; however, you might not have access to a reputable priest or Babalawo…in my experience my go to is IFA. Sometimes these obstacles are put in one’s path to point you to what you’re supposed to progress to in your life. It’s not for everyone, but I would suggest having one of these divinations done for a critical life situation such as yours. For a major crisis, I don’t divine for myself but always go to another santera or a Babalawo to do it for me.

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