Using a ouija board to get information

Let’s say that I want to get some phone numbers, is it possible to summon a demon through ouija to get this information. Also would it be possible to have a contract with a demon that can control space time. In trade for energy?


Quiji boards are a crap shoot. You’ll be speaking with bottom feeders, wandering hungry spirits.

Open a sigil for Ahk’laht’esh instead… (Master of time)



Try Google for phone numbers.


Sigils never work for me.

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How’s it possible that all my friends are adopted, powerful, and badass heroes. While I’m stuck with magic aura, they tell me I don’t exist, and tell me I’m connected to the void… why me. I can’t even do sigil summoning anymore.

What do you intend is supposed to happen with the sigil?

All you have to do is relax your eyes while staring at it. As soon as you see parts of the sigil moving in and out of existence, you’re good.


It doesn’t do anything… my friend that’s half witch will do it.

Then what… does a voice come out no where… do I speak. I’ve talked with gods and goddesses before but I’ve never talked with the master of time.

This is slightly off-topic, but I need to know: what constitutes as a half-witch?

Also, ouija boards are not 100% reliable due to the ideometer effect. Have you tried using a pendulum?


Pendulum and a circle. Put the numbers in it . Like a pie…
and like @SuaSponte stated
Open a sigil for Ahk’laht’esh instead… (Master of time)


No I have not

Thank you

You gave quite a good advice . I will try :slight_smile: