Using a nail file to flatten your crystals

So I got some crystals off amazon that I will be using in a certain practice. But they have to have the pointy end and the opposite end mostly flat ended. Now since the crystals all have one end that is somewhat pointy, do any of you think it is wise to take a nail file to it and try to flatten one end? Or could it make the crystal somewhat ineffective in some way? What do you all think?

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Up to you. Depends on what you want to do (I’m not asking that).

A lot of times the reason 1 end is pointy is the pointy end is expected to be the end energy is directed outwards from (like with crystal wands).

That said there’s no rule says 1 end has to be pointy and 1 flat (there’s also no rule says both ends have to be pointing and no rule says both sides have to be flat).

So trust your instinct and you do you unless you’re following a specific tradition or grimoire that specifies it must be pointy or flat or whatever then follow what it says at least when starting out with that tradition or grimoire. There’ll be time enough to change things and improvise later when no longer a beginner.

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I don’t think it will hurt anything to reshape the crystal for your need- people shape them into wands and skulls and all sorts of shapes like spheres before they sell them to us.

I’m just not sure if a nail file would be strong enough, you might need a better tool like a drimmel, to get the shape exactly the way you want it.

Stronger files would probably work though if you have access to a wood or machine shop, I could think of a few of the tools working for most crystals- but some are not hard and some are very hard- so what you could and should use is going to depend on the crystal type and your access to such tools/ability to use them than anything.

So if a nail file works- use it imop. Your intention is not to harm the crystal, but mold it to your need, so I think your likely fine.


So could I but the one that came to my mind might be too harsh for a crystal. I thought of a metal file. Didn’t say it because I don’t know if it could break a crystal (or be broke by it if we were talking a hard substance with a mo rating close to a diamond’s). I’m pretty sure a mail file will wear down and become useless long before you get the crystal reshaped. They aren’t made of hard metals (heck if you’re not careful you can even bend some of them out of shape).