Using a ghost box

I downloaded an app call Echovox which is used as a ghostbox. I don’t know how legitimate it is but it has a lot of good reviews. I’ve seen people use it on youtube and they all had one voice at a time talking but when I downloaded it and tried it, it sounded as if a whole crowd of people were talking at the same time and I couldn’t make out a single sentence. Could this be a group of spirits that follow me around or is it just a fallacy with the app? I did go to someone’s place once and they were being disrespectful to me. Not too long after that his sister said that after I left her brother feels an evil presence at night and it messes with him when he tries to sleep. I live in a spirit filled house and do talk to spirits every once in a while and welcome them in my home as long as they do not mean myself or my loved ones any harm. I haven’t developed spiritually to hear a response from them yet but I can feel them at times and there are sometimes footsteps when no one’s there, my stereo turned on by itself and my dvd player, I even heard someone call out my name when I was by myself. Is it safe to play with a ghostbox?

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You never know. I know most people see these apps as fake, but I have downloaded a few like that and can honestly say I got real answers to my questions. I half expected to hear a bunch of nonsense and one of the spirits, when I asked it where it came from, kept repeating “from the great divide”. I thought it was a pre-recorded response maybe programmed to play when I spoke to the app, but then I later discovered the great divide is another name for the divide between the astral worlds and ours, the veils between worlds basically. And the answers came at different times, even when I did not say anything at all so it was not pre-programmed.

I tried it again and asked directly for the same spirit and I said, is that what you meant when you said the great divide? She said, yes, there be no other. Then I forgot I was talking to her and began talking to the person next to me and said, I can see some food places coming up. I’m hungry, let’s stop and eat. And just then the app said, food, yes hungry. I have used various apps like this but only one of them was undoubtedly real. I found myself obsessed with having conversations with spirits, even started doing it while traveling and going down the road. This was a years back though, but I still have that app. I was letting my daughter use it just for fun until a spirit said her name and said hello. My daughter said who is this, the spirit replied “ghost, here, outside” she was in the garage outside when she asked that question. That scared her.

So what you have could be authentic.

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Most of us believe spirits can talk through Tarot cards and other methods of creating “random” noise (symbols or whatever) - I’ve found does really reliable predictions too, though not comparable to a human reader, still they’re bloody good for computer-generated work.

Then, I see all these robots, initially created as sex-bots and so on, it makes me wonder whether we won’t be creating AI-robots as bodies for spirits at some point, with their AI run from something like this so the spirit can control the body and not just a voice-like output…


After watching many youtube videos of all the ghostbox stuff, i thought they were just a hoax… it didn’t convince me at all, the exact opposite.

Interesting to hear that there has been some legit seeming success with these.

I have the p-sb11 spirit box, I have used it in various locations with no luck, I was thinking the phone aps could have a backdoor to provide answers. Maybe I just need more time with it.

The idea of spirit-controlled AI is fascinating but I’m not sure how I would take that lol…