Using a death spell only for personal profit without hatred

Let’s say you have a problem with a person.
But you do not hate him at all.
Simply your life would be much easier if this person dies because he is limating your freedom or you would have a financial profit if this person dies.
I have a problem with a guy. Once we were better friends but now he is creating me a lot of trouble. As soon as he is totally crazy and psychotic I would feel much better knowing him in a coffin.
By the way I do not hate him. So whenever I attempted a death spell against I felt powerless. Rationally I want him to die. And he deserve’s to die. So I’m not going on guilt trip if he dies. But I do not have the necessary emotional energies to eliminate him.
What should I do?

Before to be in magic I cursed a person that really did me wrong but I have been full of hatred while I cursed. It ended up exactly as cursed, car crash and that person died instantly.
I don,t know if it might work if you don,t hate this person from all your heart and really want him dead.

How do you think spiritual assassins prosper?People who deliver curses on others,who they have no negative emotions towards?What guides their spells?

It is possible to place a curse with no emotion.And to cast such,you have to be just like that.Unmoved by injustices done to you,and unmoved by injustices you commit.Utter nonattachment.

You can see why this worldview takes time to master,and I don’t know anyone who can maintain it 24/7 but meditate on it.And then work on summoning any forces of death and despair.

This may include but not be limited to:
-Dark Fairies
-Iblis and the Jinn
-the Spirits of the Dead
-Hades and Persephone
-Daevas and Ahriman
-Shiva the Destroyer
-the Erdgeisten
-Loki and his brood

To throw around a couple of ideas.And when they come,simply direct them to the victim,visualizing their death,not with contentment,nor with guilt,but with pure knowledge that that is what needed to happen.

Can’t offer any more substantial stuff.Sorry.


Sounds to me he is spiritually more powerful than you if you cannot kill him with a Death spell. Why bother? Answer is simple. Become more powerful than him or walk away to cut any losses short.

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Thanks for the advices.
Infact I didn’t attempt a death ritual on this person. I wouldn’t mind if I failed a death ritual. What worries me is that I do not have the energies to attempt it. I can not even imagine me smashing his poppit with a dagger.
He is a person with a strong destructive personality but he is totally out from any spiritual affair. He is quite ignorant and dull too.
Anyway I did a banishing ritual and it worked well so far. He moved to another country and I didn’t see in the last months.
I’m a bit worried that I could come back soon or later.
I read on this website that if you want to kill somebody with magick your will to kill must be stronger then his will to stay alive.
So I was confused on this subject because I know there are mercenaries in death magick that obviously don’t feel anything towards their victims.
OK. I’ll try to work on that with more detachment.

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The reason the mercenaries feel nothing is theyve been so in touch with Death Energy that its basically deadened their emotions. This creates alot of problems like eventually illness with contact of that energy. See energy as causing certain chemical reactions in the body. Itsnt too much different to a drug addict who experiences downers…and at some point is “damaged” due to Firing of too many neurochemicals and whatever else.

EVERYTHING has a price even if it isnt readily noticeable. Another example. A person who extensively uses their energy for Time Travel (a combination of Divination and Projection) I have read some cases if where they have early graying hair. Magick took its tole physically on said persons body.

So choose wisely with how you choose to live your life and what you do with magick.

And FYI it was actually me that made the comment on The Will to Kill.

A brief update: yesterday I worked with a sigil of a spirit taken from the necronomicon. I activated the sigil as usual and I asked the spirit to manifest. My sight start to tremble and the vision became darker with glowing green and blue dust. I felt like a punch in my solar plexus and a strong emotion, I was very surprised by existance in a solipsist way. I kept calling the spirit and for a bunch of seconds I felt a wave o pure violence and hatred raising from my groin area. I directed it to the third eye and I started visualizing my enemy dying in a car crash. I continued for a while then I dismissed the spirit . I did the LBRP and I had a walk. I was quite satisfied.
Later I went to sleep. But later I woke up completely thirsty. I had a dream with my enemy lying in a hospital bed attached to a breathing device and such. With all his relatives around crying and pointing the finger at me. I was a bit shocked but not so much.
In your opinion should I wait or should I repeat the ritual?

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@cristinica do you remember what curse you used?

I just cursed that person , visualising and saying the way I wanted to end up more exactly in a car crash…Nothing more, no evocations , or candles etc. But you must be very angry and full of hatred.That person did to me something very bad.


Did you call a spirit to do it?

No I did not !

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