Using a cursed object to RTS

Hello. Dark ex. Finding all kinds of odd coins and cursed things in odd places. Really tired of fighting this jackass. Tired of defending my kids and home. Found a bunch of odd coins hidden under carpet today. He won’t quit and has been gone 2 years. So, can I use these coins to bind him or return it to him? The energy is crazy dark. The contractor who found them has been sick since. I’m out of ideas as it never ends. I’m a healer by nature and this is way out of my normal range. Advice?? Anyone bored and want to try? Lol. Ive tried binding him, warding, he gets around quickly

Binding spells, freezer spells, mirror boxes. Banishing, protection, shielding.

I know people around here think it’s somewhat a joke, but I’ve seen the effects take hold as soon as the next day when it comes to at least slowing down cursing.

My only question is how you are sure who it is, and that it wasn’t a previous owner or other visitor.

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I’m an empath. House was redone 10 years ago. Tweaking things and finding things now after ex moved out. I’m empathic as are my kids. Only person who has ever been hateful towards us and openly evil. Also the only person outside of same family and friends who has had access to the home. Very difficult to bind a magician. I know when sonething is wrong as I’m sure he does. Of course Ive tried. Kind of like throwing happy thoughts at a shark. I can ward but he can get around.

Really depends on you and them. I had someone curse me in February, took me until the first week of July to put it together that the frequent unexplained diarrhea (I even went to the doctor several times and had a lot of testing done) was in fact from a native witch. I did a freezer spell and a mirror box and the symptoms completely resolved within 24 hours. Does it stop her from trying again? eh the mirror box will negate most of it. Believing you can’t stop someone is more than half the battle I think. Self doubt will kill your attempts.


Is he an intentional practitioner or an intuitive one?

How often is he around the kids, you, or the house?

The mirror route may be the way to go for part of it. Have you petitioned any spirits to assist?

Hiya OP! Be careful about using a cursed object to attack the sender; many sophisticated curses are comprised of layers of magic internal and external to the base pattern in order to lure the target or others into attempting to “debug” it or use it against the creator. This tends to result in another aspect of the magic triggering, and usually worsening the situation for the intended target. IME, it’s better to remove the object as fast as possible and cleanse and secure the area once the object has been disconnected. :slight_smile:

I decided just to get rid of it for that reason. It is definately intentional on his part. We haven’t had contact in 2 years. Just an angry bitter person who needed a hobby. He is not around my kids other than to drive by and take an occasional picture of them, 9 & 11. Hes blocked from all media, email, phone. I think that’s just so we know he’s watching. It’s cowardly. Weirdest part is he will drive by with his new wife or whoever she is. Just creepy.

Ok. Crazy as it sounds among other things what he is doing is basically taking energy from the crown chakra (Zen), using it and returning it depleted at night. Nightmares about the day for me and the kids that make no sense and taking it back when it is recharged. We’re chronically foggy and exhausted. Anyone dealt with anything like this?

I’m afraid I already gave you my advice on the situation, and it would also negate these issues, if not eliminate them, while you developed a more concrete plan, so the best I can do is wish you luck on your endeavors.

Sometimes in emergencies you just have to act on what you can, then set out a plan of action.

That’s all been done. Little effect.

This is the part that doesn’t make sense to me. If the energy is used, how is it returned?

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Have you tried an energy restriction spell?

I could pm you the ritual if you want, but it requires contract magick from a 3rd party.