Usefulness of a New Draconic Implement

Hi guys. I was at an exhibition today and picked up a draconic item that immediately struck me as having occult significance, but I have no idea why. I felt compelled to buy it.

What symbolism do you see here? Is this object good for any particular type of working? Or is it purely decorative? Curious to hear what you guys think.


A few comments xD

1- That is a cool Plasma Globe

2- I think it could add a mystical aspect to the atmosphere. If you wanted you could enchant it. IE- the more magical you feel, the more you will believe in your power, the more powerful you will become because you wont doubt yourself as much. Its nice to feel mystical!

3- You could use the dragon symbolism in Feng Shui to help with the flow of energy throughout your home.

What part of it stuck out as ‘occult’ to you? Was it the chalice? The dragons? The black coloring? You should investigate what kind of thoughts and emotions those symbols roused within yourself. Why did it strike you?

I think its interesting in the fact that it is a literal marriage of two concepts: the occult vibe of the item and the science of the Plasma Ball. You might have seen a bit of yourself within this object, and felt compelled to buy it. You certainly are unsure of what to do with it, which means you didnt have a plan on how to use it. You just sort of acted.

I think examining the symbols yourself and how it relates to you is key here. There could be clues to something much larger in play here, eccentricities that only you know. This Plasma Lamp could be an answer to a question you asked a spirit. Perhaps the cornerstone of a transmutation. An indirect answer. Im just making jabs here based on what I see xD


I’ve been wondering about using it for scrying. Some people use flames, some use incense, but the general consensus is that spirits require a medium in which to manifest. And I think it provides that:

That’s an interesting and probably very accurate point - I didn’t think of it that way! You’re probably right.

I might try scrying with it later on.

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I love it. Got to get me one. Most Asian Dragons have a power crystal. They are getting energy from the Ultimate power crystal

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You could use it for scrying xD Though I think a lot of people are too focused on the physical images they see. Like those pictures ^ A lot of it happens in your head, in your minds eye. Sure you might see something in the flame, but then you will ‘see’ something in the flame. One thing leads to another. An image might direct you to feel a certain way, that feeling might manifest into a realization.

IDK when I see photos on here of ‘spirit manifestations’ in the smoke I immediately think of Jesus Burnt Into Toast xD Not to discredit their manifestations (as spiritual energy is usually present and aids in the formation of smoke. I think looking for that sort of ‘reassurance’ is a crutch and in no way is official in validating your practices. There are much easier ways to do so IE keep a journal and record the results of your spells and petitions), but being focused on the direct visual queues you will miss a lot of the message that the spirit is trying to send. Or if you are working with your own self, you will miss something of the bigger picture. There is a subtle more intuitive aspect to scrying.

Its def. not like turning on the TV xD though it can manifest in visual queues, they will appear in the minds eye most of the time.

Use it for scrying. I think it will work a lot like fire gazing, the flicking chaotic nature of the flames lulling the mind into a more aware state (trance state/theta-gamma sync), where you will get answers -with practice- you are scrying for. It could be very interesting to use in fact. XD But I am rambling >.>

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That’s actually a really good idea worth looking into, IMO. Plasma as a manifestation base. If you get a result let us know, I think it has potential, draconic or not.

Uncle Chuckie makes use of all kinds of gadgets in his work. I don’t see why you couldn’t make use of this somehow. Use your imagination here.


Hi there OP! You’ve got a groovy little device there. Symbolically, dragons are internal evolutionary energies, and black is the ‘perfect’ or all-as-one-color. They look like they’re about to form a double helix, which is a connection to genetic or inherited information, and the goblet shape there is a pretty uniform input. Without the globe, it seems like it’s a focused way to put things in the subject’s genes.

On the other hand, plasma is a state of matter which is closest to elemental fire, and the only thing that comes to mind when i see that thing is ‘brain’. So, to me, this is a significantly powered ‘brain changer’; tune the orb to someone’s individual frequency and you should have a good control rod! :slight_smile:

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Well plasma ball puts out energy into environment much like a vandergriff generator or Jacob’s ladder or Tesla coil
So in theory it could add to energy in the environment to help in manifestation

Looks sick.

Banish, clear it of any energies, then fill it to the brim with energy of your own.

Using it for gates and for scrying comes to mind. Might also be used for divination, but that’s a stretch and you’d have to try it out for yourself.