Used energy of covid 19 for a spell ended up with Allergic reactions

I did a small ritual with opening gates to ginnungagap with one hand and daath with another. I summoned the energy of fear chaos and of the coronavirus and guided it with the void energies into me and did a spell for a personal manifestation. I suddenly saw my palms with red spots and was itching. I swallowed a anti allergen tablet and it’s fine now. Any idea why it happened?

Were there any ingredients used that you are not used to, such as powders, incense, etc?

Nope. I work with just energy usually and I didnt use any item in this ritual.

Hm, that is interesting. I don’t know then.

My current hypothesis is that my hands didnt expect such energy and the realms of daath and ginnungagap are not initiated by me so maybe that’s why.

My palm rn

You can’t make a silk purse out of a sows ear.

If you absorb energies that are counter to human health, they will be counter to your heath.

This is why vampiric feeders filter human energy before absorbing it, and why energy healers use techniques to deliberately avoid taking it in, including holding the breath when removing unwanted energy from the body.


I probably should have filtered it. Well now I understand what I should do next time.

Well you did just try and take in foreign energy from the void no less and possibly the energy of a virus into you. So I’m pretty sure the outcome would be this.

@Maulbeere makes a good point but I don’t believe this is the case this was most likely both what maul said and the fact that this can not be contained or controlled at this point I’ve been saying that no entities will help stop this…and nothing we do can either it just has to run its course and die off on its own…