Use vampirism on festival

I havent looked deep on vampirism only taken a brief glance at the subject so please stop me if i missunderstand something.
In roughly 7 months im going to the bigest music festival in sweden and i know the energy at that place when the big lineup bands play is freaking amazing.
So i was listening to some music and all of a sudden from nowhere and i fell like a foul not thinking about it earlier, all that energy raiders by over 50000ppl a day and not being put to any more use then the pure ecstasy of the moment. Why not siphon some of that energy for myself.
The idea presenten was to use a medalion purpously made for this work, using the sigil for an entity/demon that would be good for the task.
At the moment i dont know which entity to use for this work so i have some digging to do, and some work with myself to prepare for the event.
Anyone done tjis before and might be able to give some tips?


Can’t exactly share anything of value besides how to do Vampirism. In mass scale, I wouldn’t know if the situations changes. But I sure as hell think that you should do it. Sounds like a perfect place to harness all that ecstasy and horniness.

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If you can filter it FILTER FIRST and tap into the flow of energy generated at events like this it is fucking intense. If not filtered you can potentially end up absorbing alot of toxic shit off people. But it was interesting experience.


Well the idea i got was to channel all energi via a pendant/medalion, so if i can get a entity that is up for that sort of task then the spirits energy can be tied to the pendant and help with filtering before it comes to me.
As i said no clue where i got this inspiration since it came to me it might have been given to me.
As i said i have very limited knowledge on vampirism but i think this was an opportunity given to me, i have a working plan for the festival and If i wanna try it i should devote the time until then to learn what i need. Should be interestingz

Technically I think vampirism is supposed to empower the individual so you’re actually better off siphoning the energy yourself (I’ve tried it on plants and it’s not too difficult). But usually entities who empower vampiric energies would be incubi and succubi, like Lilith.

Simply enjoy the festival and pull in all the energy u want. Eat hardy

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Hey everyone, looking more into this and making plans for the event.
Havent been able to let go of this idea and more ideas connected to it has sprung up and i would like others thoughts on the matter.

I take it that you all get chills while listening to good music. For me its even more true listening on live performance taped or live makes no difference. I have allways assume that depends on the more genuine feeling in live music compared to studio recordings.
Then after the idea to go full blown vampire on festival a simple physics fact hit me. Energy cant be destroyd only transformed. So then i started thinking that mayby all those chills you get from listening or watching all recordings from performances years back is only tapping in to all the energy raised at that point.

The way i see it invested energy in anything lingers on. Egregores, demons, gods draw strenght from our belifes in them, all the prayers to yahve, jesus, allah everyday gives power to those thoughtforms. So what to say that a song that inspires millions wont do the same everytime someone listens to it and get their grove on and start singing along.

Almost witching hour here and working on some projects due in 10 hour and thats the time this ideas comes to me.
Any thoughts on the matter would be great. If you like it perfect then mayby im one to something, if im all wrong tell me so i can do something more productive with my time. :smiley:

when I was in high school I did the same thing at assemblies but I used smoke quirts