Use & Symbolism Of Wishbones?

Does anyone know anything about this - the use of the wishbone (or furcula) from cooked chicken or other poultry?

I was brought up with the tradition that the oldest and youngest people at the table (usually me as youngest) gripped it between pinky fingers, and pulled while making a wish, and the person who got the larger piece would get their wish granted.

Since we don’t have talking cats yet, I assume that method’s ineffective :o) however I recently found a couple of references to the symbolism having some deeper occult meaning, in one case it was said to symbolise the female genitals.

I found some articles online searching “wishbone spell” and wondered if anyone has any success stories, home-tested spells or whatever that use this bone?

It may not be exact and is at least culturally varied, but I think the principle is the same in this form of divination.