Use Of Masks?

Who here uses masks in any serious way during ritual work, or anything else connected with magick?

I’m thinking of either making a mask for my theogenesis-linked stuff, which can then act as centrepiece on an altar, or maybe creating an astral mask or something, and storing its details in my astral Temple.

I also had this idea to channel a mask from a spirit and use it for a modified black-mirror session with invocation/possession, except there’s no-one I want to get that snuggly with right now. But seeing your own face and their mask in the mirror would probably rock.

Hi eva,dnt laugh on tis but for sme rituals i use a Mexican mascara,or mask,also a half face mask,i been using mask,for 2years,its fun,make u powerful, star whit mexican masks,tey have so many,and forms,and for 10-25-Europe,nit tat bad, i never trough u will b undercover in the magic world, try it,u will love it, stay away from dark vader,maskits plastic,and stink,some comick shops,in uk, have some in stock,and cheaper,

“From the earliest times man has experienced in the face with the penetrating eyes the truest manifestation of anthropomorphic or theriomorphic beings. This manifestation is sustained by the mask, which is that much more effective because it is nothing but surface. Because of this, it acts as the strongest symbol of presence. Its eyes, which stare straight ahead, cannot be avoided; its face, with its inexorable immobility, is quite different from other images which seem ready to move, to turn, to step back. Here there is nothing but encounter, from which there is no withdrawal – and immovable, spell-binding antipode. This must be our point of departure for understanding that the mask, which was always a sacred object, could be also put over a human face to depict the god or spirit who appears.

And yet this explains the significance of only half the phenomenon of the mask. The mask is pure confrontation – an antipode, and nothing else. It has no reverse side - “Spirits have no back,” the people say. It has nothing which might transcend this mighty moment of confrontation. It has, in other words, no complete existence either. It is the symbol and the manifestation of that which is simultaneously there and not there: that which is excruciating near, that which is completely absent – both in one reality...”
- Walter F. Otto, Dionysus: Myth and Cult.

^ LOVE IT - thanks folks!! :slight_smile:

Hey there!

I can’t believe I haven’t used this,but yes,I do wear a black mask sometimes when performing rituals.It’s mostly for rituals of a darker sort,or a more serious evocation type of thing,but it nonetheless empowers me,though I see it as more of a ceremonial tool than somthing that actually boosts the spell.

In either case,it seems like a very interesting thing to do related to Theogenesis,as I’ve been gathering more and more clothes that I use only in ritual.Just last week,I decided to wear the shirt I burned at my Halloween party in rituals.So,masks must serve the same thing,and when I have my altar,I will be able to add the mask in question too.

But seriously,awesome idea.

Well I have a mask for Baron Samedi and a mask for Lillith both with no eyeholes, both have the actual entities attached to them. If I get into the zone and put on the mask, the entity usually has an easier time communicating things to me. So for those who use masks you may want to try that out.

Heh. I bet Lady Eva is part of the goth underground where she holds Vampire Masquerade Balls. I use Masks all the time. But I dont put on a Literal mask. Its the Magick of Acting qnd its effect on the self.

Use of Masks:

In ritual work with spirits you use a mask to “validate” your relationship to them. This is supposing you actually not only know the spirit, but are properly aligned with its intentions and very nature…meaning hou would have to form a special relationship to it. Its kind of like when a spirit gives you certain information or a sigil… Your connection to it will cause you to say create Artwork or even a Mask…sigil…same thing really. A mask which is a reflection of how you both relate to each other. The Mask has symbolic value so be very mindfuk of what you make your mask, as like am offering you are reflecting your respect to said spirit.

Recommendation is do not try to “Be the Spirit” but rather in relation to as far as masks go. The reasonings behind this are numerous like trying to be thr identity of something else is a reflection of one not having ones own identity which directly links to ones actual WILL (identity and will are linked…just look at christians and their sense of Will!!! Having lost their Ancestral Identity)… Which then leads to what I think of as the Cuckoo Syndrome. =p

I’ve done both full and partial posessions and pinged “back into shape” just fine afterwards, also dissolution to Source, so I’m not too worried about that to be honest - what I manifest as seems to be coded in DNA and also astrological alignments, so my physical form anchors them.

And I’d only do it with a spirit I trusted… :slight_smile:

I was looking onlike, “Bauta” masks have a masculine shape and almost any other type has a more rounded female shape, and they’re all quite affordable - under £10, including shipping.

I’ll keep y’all posted if I get any results from this, and look forward to reading if anyone else plays with this idea!

This one is great.