Use of Magickal Circle

I’ve never used a magickal circle while doing evocation.

I was wondering what your thoughts were on that?

I’ve read that people are foolish for not using a magickal circle, yet Koetting says that a magickal circle won’t protect you if an entity really wants to harm you.
The reason I have gone without using a magickal circle is mainly because I don’t feel as if it is necessary.
However saying that I realize I may be naive and putting myself in danger.

Is what I am doing dangerous? Are there entities that I definitely should use a magickal circle with when doing evocation?

There are endless theories on this, so why don’t you try a few simple circles and see how they feel, most importantly see how they affect your results?

I doubt you’ll get any 2 people on here agreeing totally with the systems they use, some people are striving for grimoire accuracy, others don;t use any tools, people like me have developed our own systems from personal gnosis and experience, so pick what appeals and try it out ifs my advice fwiw. :slight_smile:

Do some quick divination first, of course…

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thus sayeth The Dragon

usage of magical circles improves ability to extrapolate targeted energies from the ALL and saturate yourself.

das ende

My circle is in my head. I visualize it around me and my altar. It’s less about protection, and more about creating the space in which I am God.

das ist das ende.

I’ve done this too.
I once conducted a ritual while using just a mini maglite flashlight in place of a candle and summoned up the elements while forming the circle, all in my head.
It was surprisingly effective.

Speaking not from “theory” but from experience: yes, there are some spirits with whom one is much better off with a protective circle.

Generally, I don’t use them, either, but it really depends on who I’m working with or what I’m doing (e.g., magick, scrying, evocation, or simply investigating a paranormally active location). Some demon types are feral and it is their nature to attack – not necessarily because they’re “evil,” but because that’s what negative energy does.

Good luck!