Use of language and letters in magick

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I find this topic interesting & would like to spark conversation about it. It seems to me that most people just write everything in their own language and pay no second thought to it (not that there is anything wrong with that), but I’d like to hear your thoughts on the matter and maybe find new perspectives.

If you have a journal/Book of Shadows/Grimmore, what language are you writing it in? Your own, English, maybe even Latin, Greece or some Rhymes? How about spells and ritual sheets? Messages for the demons/gods/spirits etc?
Do you use regular letters you would for that language anyway or do you have a special alphabet?
Why do you use the language(s) and letters you do? Do you think it matters? Have you made a active decision or just started without thinking about it?
Have you considered changing that?

I myself have most of the stuff only in my head for now. I have always felt kinda dump for writing down stuff I know by hearth anyway, or that is simply obvious to me. Plus I don’t enjoy watching my own handwriting.
Most of the spells and things I do are in English tho, but not like the correct, modern English, but rather a mixture of old Irish English, Latin, Spanish, Finnish, Greece and many others. Kinda like making sighls from sentences and effects, I’ve made my speech fitting and effective for my craft. I’m not sure I could write down all of that very easily. I’d likely change the letters to make sense in pronunciation rather than being grammatically correct.
My plan is to make this nonsense into a usable language that has rules and can be shared. My work will be rather useless for the people after me, if nobody can make anything out of it. Then I’ll write a spell book, a sighl book and a journal.

Sorry for the messiness of this post and if I made any mistakes. Hope to hear about you soon!

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It seems we share a similar journey for now. My approach is through the language of music however.
Im still in the very elementary stages right now of my process and share the same questions as you do. I will bookmark this and if you consider music a language, I will contribute if something worthwhile comes along :smile:

I do think melody can be considered a language in sense of remembering and sharing information… My creational self loves that comment. Considering songs with lyrics tho, that might be a little different.

I am using lyrics too. I change them to fit what ever I am feeling and my intentions behind them are what count, different in the sense of being personal yes.

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That’s cool. I work with the 24 letters of the Western alphabet and have assigned each of these to a planet, an element or a zodiac sign (7+5+12=24). With these I make words to represent concepts to add as a mantra or word of power in Magickal workings.
For example Taurus+Venus+Earth to symbolize strong and enduring love.