Use magick for warning to ex, attempt to make him pay

I just drafted a message to my ex to pay for the money he did not pay and start using somebody else but me for his cell phone contract.

In a way he saved my life but I decided to take all 300M JPY debt I made
during our relationship as tuition.

but for him to cause another sum of money after the relationship and that is just hurting my mother, (because for a situation I am at a place I am jobless with not much hope as of now)

In the mail I think I will tell him if he doesn’t pay I will learn to ask spirits to destroy him.

He may not take it seriously but he might, because he is born intuitive and saw entities, even did exorcism for his first wife.

At first … I wrote a long post here before, but I thought that may not be appropriate - just too long. So I am replacing with a short post. (tried to delete but failed)

I am very new in here and everything Magick… I can’t even AP.
Can such newbie ask spirits to work for me?

Is it possible?

First of all, you admit you’re a beginner and that he’s done a sucessful exorcism, are you entirely sure threatening him is smart?

Secondly, i cant understand the situation at all but if you wanna communicate with a spirit try shamanic travelling

thank you… you’re absolutely right.
it’s not a good moveat all.

I just happened to check and he said now he made a new phone. Now the debt seems smaller too. he might have paid most of it.

You’re right I’ve been hoping him happy all these years and now he’s happiest ever. I couldn’t get out of attatchment, couldn’t help start hating and I think phone thing is keeping me stuck.

now i feel almost being set free finally.
we’ll probably do last talk and when that’s settled rest is my job to let it go.

thank you so much about your comment…

Thank you… we’ll talk about the debt tomorrow.
I’ll probably never get over this guy.

After all connection is gone I am hoping finally I will start to let go.
If that turns difficult I’ll look for cord cutting.

Update… He promised to pay and finally made his own phone.
Now the connection is gone except for debts to pay.
Thank you for thoughts.

Update regarding this ex… As I spent a while here, I learned about NAP and
did NAP ritual. To take away his magical protection and give him lesson.

Then next day, I received a contents-certified mail to pay $1,500 worth
debt from the surety company, saying otherwise they will seize all my
assets including bank account.

It turned out that he did not pay the rent of the apartment I let him
stay after he asked me to leave so that he can devote his entire
time for this new girl he met.

The sum is accumulated all based on his lie that he was going to pay
after the breakup.

I explained how I can not afford since I had to relocate to
another country to be near my child, applying over 100 jobs
but can not even get any job.

Then he came back saying he had lost his job, applied new
jobs but no one is hiring because of tattoo.
And although it was all the debt he made with my name,
it was a place he was living, penalty made because of his
ignoring my reminder, now he says
’I don’t think I can do anything about it because I am not the
contractor of that apartment. So please let me know if there’s
anything I can do. Sorry but I don’t think I can do much."

He did pay the initial debt known at the beginning of this post
it was about $150, for that I actually sent him a threat
saying I would write the current situation on facebook public post
with his name, because he was not replying any message until then.

So it looks like NAP Angels decided I am the one who need to give
him further lesson.

Tomorrow the surety company’s person in charge will be
back from his holiday so I will try to ask them to deal with my ex.
He says he is not a contractor but his name was on the contract.

My ex should be in far better place to get any cash than
any chance I would, because I am in abroad.
And he is a ‘starving artist’ with many fans and friends who would
help him. In fact he was talking about this number two officer
at the municipal government, with whom he became friends
with, who would prepare him a place to live.

I am trying to think of the best way to deal with this.
I’m starting to feel very sick of it all, it might be
faster to pay the debt by installment and give up.

But I am afraid if I keep paying without being able to
find any job, dealing with son in a tiny room, fighting, that way
I would not be able to forget about this and my negative feeling
will just keep growing towards him.

Lady Eva’s method to decide which spirit to ask this job,
making cards, said Norse Gods, who are my son’s
ancestors’s Gods.

I am getting to know more about Magick since I came here, and
also reading Damon Brand’s money magick
to get myself out of this. So the options are more for me
that is my only relief. But tomorrow I would have to deal with
it without any ritual, because my son is here with me since Sunday
for his father and girlfriend’s got very sick.

I am devastated how a man can be so irresponsible and
lose love so completely.

Sorry for bumping thread up…
I know it’s a embarrassing thing to tell in public to say the least.
but just wanted to complain for now…I don’t want to
complain on FB where I got 30 mutual friends with my ex
and complaining there would be considered attack/slander.

[quote=“MyK, post:6, topic:8105”]Lady Eva’s method to decide which spirit to ask this job,
making cards, said Norse Gods, who are my son’s
ancestors’s Gods. [/quote]

If you’re in a bind, most gods will answer a prayer, a really hreartfelt call for aid, especially where a child is involved, so you could try that - call upon Frija -

I feel like she might be the best one to approach for this, not sure why. Also, check your PMs, I sent you another idea that requires minimal fuss and preparation.

Thank you I talked with TUKU and he told me to be clear of what I want.

I asked him to strip the ex off of all the spiritual protections that he
had been taking granted all his life and made it his reason to abuse others.

I told him we’ll see how things goes and depending on how he
comes back to me I will have to think about what to do.

I will research about Frija…

Norse gods seems to be the ones who had been protecting me from
death and going homeless in Australia.
They guided me to let my son know Norse Mythology and my son
now likes to listen to the audio myth before bed.

Frija was there in the part of the story last night that left me kind of
emotional connection.

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Another update, the ex is responding my email about this situation.
He is trying to find out the breakdown of it… he says he will
call the surety company this week.

iCheng said modesty is the key and will lead to success,
so when I asked about this
I told him how I am suffering in a very polite way.
Maybe that is working.

A divination I asked to one of the member in this forum said
I did nothing to decrease his protection.

I’m glad I did not give him threat this time and kept myself away from FB
about this matter.

After all saying ill of someone on FB is actually a curse
and in the end I think it just makes you look bad regardless.

When I shut FB door, because I have not much friends in
this foreign country, I really had to let the gas out of my chest somewhere.
I am so grateful to those who supported me here…