US Lawmaker wants occultists dead in his leaked manifesto

Literal witch Hunt stuff

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“A Christian should be treated in a reserved manner. Though once he or she shows his true colors, there must be due retribution.”

Pretty sure this is politics which is no longer allowed here. Unless that has changed without me noticing.
@Lady_Eva check please.
Quite possibly a false lead at that given how media is nowadays at the very least seems to imply some action should be taken in regards to this and given the individuals involved well cuts too close I think.

Meant more as a safety warning that there are people who still think like this, even in places of power, but sorry everyone if I’ve violated a rule.

Nothing about this is acting in his capacity as a politician that just happens to be his job.

This isn’t legislation

Under Adolf Hitler the first people locked up were occultists.


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As if his type wasn’t ten a penny among fundamentalists of any religion. Worry about the other ones, they have more power and whole, very rich countries behind them, and they’re destroying the EU and trying to invade the US too. As a while male he’s hosed - incitement to violence is illegal, the whole thing is unconstitutional, in America, he just ruined his career at best.

Ok, just reviewing it I have to say it looks like complete bullshit. Literally just slander by political opponents. The site linked is not a reliable one at all and gives no actual sources just an opinion on a slanderous rumor. How many times have such supposed ‘documents’ and ‘proof’ shown up only to be shown completely false and known as such from the start. The only semi-reliable links on the page are to video on facebook which is much more reasonable than the actual article and then an article on a murder which has literally nothing to do with this. The reason I called this out originally is because it really is just rumors and a crazy theory based on those rumors with no real backing or evidence. Sensational clickbait at best or an attempt to influence politically through lines of opposing spiritual ideology. There is no threat other than believing such garbage and being swayed by the people who write it.


I’ve flagged your post since it involves politics (lawmaker) for Lady_Eva to check it and so she can decide if Indeed violates the forum’s rules. Better to be safe than sorry :wink:

Yep, dude is a loon. Megalomania extreme.

That was a good laugh, OP! Occultists are like roaches, even if you get rid of all of them, there are eggs somewhere! This isn’t a threat. :slight_smile: