Urgent need for money

I’m currently into a pretty hardcore situation.
I’m living in a country without legal statuts as my girlfriend and newborn son are here. Can’t really find employement using the legal way…and I have pretty much no clues for the situation to get better.
At least, using only means that normal people usually used. Hoppefully, Magick is always there when you need an extra hand.
To get my business is order here, and pay different bills, I would need something close to 2000 USD…and sadly, I would need that fast. So I need a ritual to bring it in my life.

I know that Magick could sometimes be tricky, so I don’t want someone close to me to die and receive an heritage, or being wounded to received in insurance. What I want is an opportunity to get this money, and right now I’m out of opportunities.

Any idea is wellcome !