Urgent! Need a specific potent curse for a sexual abuser

Hi! I’m in urgent need of a very potent curse to make sure that my enemy is rendered unable to ever leave his country.

The reason? Long story short, he is a despicable piece of shit who passive agressively sexually and mentally harrased me since i was 10yrs old, he is my fucking cousin and 17yrs OLDER than me.
I have left the country where he lives but he seems to be now traveling the world and even in my current country and it boils my blood knowing he’s enjoying his pathetic life.

I did the Punish your enemy from the book Angels of Wrath by GoM about 2 months ago and forgot about it but i just saw on facebook that that heinous shit is in my current country of residence, traveling! So that perhaps was not the right ritual. I need specifically so he can’t ever leave his country.

Please please a sure fire HIGHLY potent curse that would make that miserable waste of space never to be able to leave his birth country, ever. (Something that won’t backfire obviously.)

Thank you!!!

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Well I have no cursed but I can tell you a demon who can strick him down with an illness that could put him in his grave…lord sabknock cures illness and gives illness ones impossible to heal he cured my daughter of cancer so I’m sure he can give him a sickness that will be far worse then that even more so since he is doing stuff like that


Thanks for your response, I will look into this.
But I am really interested if anyone has a curse for him not to be able to leave his birth country? Or a specific demon I can call upon who would be good for this? Plz do let me know.

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There is a demon that can again I’m not good with curses I don’t like wen they back fire but you can try drA’talon or king beileil he may be able to keep him there furfur can cause storms so that could do the trick to just shirt term though to be honest with touaking him suffer something and then cure him may actually help him stop in the long run I don’t like to see ppl suffer but some times it’s the only way to help the ones who won’t change on their own n in this way he won’t be able to take advantage of others the way he did you by the way I’m sorry that happened to u I understand how it feels to go through that I’m not saying this route will be better but it may help in the long run prevent it from happening again

Sounds like something Lilith would not mind helping you with at all. I also have a sigil technique I have been experimenting with involving poisonous animals of the region and planetary squares that could be of some use.

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You may benefit from this post I recently made regarding the Master Curse. It employs the powers of four demons, including Sabnock, to destroy your enemy’s ability to live successfully in the world.

You could also structure a very potent curse using Angels of Wrath, since you already own that book. If you would like some feedback, you can PM me your plan of attack and I will provide advice.

It is clear that your rage and fury is bright and true. Put this into your magick, allow the fires to cleanse you, and you will find what you seek - Justice.


UPDATE: Okay okay I just found out that he is in fact not travelling and still in his country. He made it look like in his facebook post like he was travelling but i just confirmed from a very reliable source that he is not out of his country. To say that my stress has melted would be an understatement. I am happy that the ritual i performed worked! So thankful to angels of wrath!!! my heart feels joyous!
Now that I know he’s in his miserable home, I can direct a more physically painful ritual at him.

Thank you to all who advised, i really really appreciate it!