Urgent HELP

Good job , feel free to ask as many questions as you’d like .

Don’t stop there. Set up defenses too. IF you ever feel like he’s going to do it, it really isn’t hard to redirect loved ones onto your side. You were lovers, that stuff is normal, makes them focus on how much of a dirtbag he is for blackmailing you and hurting you, and sharing PORN of you. Redirect their anger they might feel towards you onto him, make his own family angry at him. The ultimate revenge and disgrace, one he will never be allowed to forget.

Also remind him of the legal ramifications, that you could take a bullet to see him in jail for a very long time, take screenshots of him blackmailing you and other terrible things and wave it in front of his face.Maybe apply pressure spiritually to make HIM afraid of YOU. Remind him of records it could be stuck on, fines his family (or he) would have to pay, years and years of shame he would never live down, and remind him that at the end of the day him posting those pictures would DESTROY him.


I’m really glad!!!

Anyway, with whom did you work? I’m curious.

I worked with Archangel Sandalphon to protect me against any evil entity including humans

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I put a hex on my nudes, and people who saw them that were not supposed to lost function for a few weeks. A couple who saw them complained about parts not working and where wondering if they were hexed and they don’t believe in this stuff.

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How do I hex mines?

Me personally I do pre ritual baths, summon my guardian, light candles, incense, write intention on paper burn it and send intention into ather. Give an offering to my guardian.

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What kind of offerings?

With Azazel I like to give him meat, with King Paimon red wine or fruit just kind of depends who it is and what their personality is like.

Bind him from harming you by writing his name on a paper 3 times, then crossing it with your written petition by turning the paper to the left so his name and your petition form a cross. Write something like : I bind you from taking any action to harm me.
Then throw coffee grinds on top in the center of paper, fold it like a little packet and tie it tightly with red string. Make three knots and each time repeat your petition. Then gather some of your urine to dominate him and submerge your little packet in it to wet it. Then put it in a ziplock bag and in the freezer. Now you’ve binded and frozen him so he can’t harm you. Good luck.


Don’t cry. He is a bastard. He will get the punishment. Face it. Ask help of belial or asmodeus. Goddess Kali can help

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