Urgent help to retain our home

I need help relatively urgently with this matter. We are renting an apartment with my family, and the owners have already told us that they will not renew the contract, so we will have to leave in a year, when our intention is to find the means to buy it.

The problem is that in the meantime, another person could show up and buy the apartment before we do, which would definitively force us to leave our home once the contract expires.

So, we have to solve two problems here…

For the first problem, we have to speed up certain businesses to obtain part of the necessary funding to buy the apartment. For the second problem, we have to prevent other people from wanting our apartment at all costs, before we can solve the first problem.

What do you think?

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Saint Expedite or Seere

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Thank you for you suggestion. What would be an appropiate offering for Seere?

Here it’s a book by Raymundo rodriguez homeless magick ,ebook amazon has. Ritual for stay in a place or get advantage. Second the clasick saint Joseph Statue,and last purify a knife whit owner info make a hole,put owner info say a prayer,chant etc and call a sport say you petition and bury knife in top.cover hole,and clean the house,do a jar to sweet person.the ebook has good easy rituals to do ideas you can adapt.

Green/blue candles and crystals. Rosemary (fresh, dried, or as incense).

OK, I will try to get Seere.

Something new has happened and I’m going to need someone to radically change his mind about an issue. I think Dantalion will be more than able to do that?