Urgent help needed to stop someone who is moving against me

So I got a call from my friends brother an hour ago,and he was asking me if I was selling my friend drugs.I gave him some of my meds which is designed to cure opiate withdrawls which he was going through.His brother now wants to meet with me to talk,but I’m afraid it’s a set up.I was just trying to help my friend,and now I’m getting screwed.Is there any spell that can stop this?I don’t know the guys name nor do I want to harm him.I just want this to go away.

Don’t make the meeting, if your gut says its a set up then listen to it. Deny everything, there is no evidence that you gave him the meds except your friends word against yours. If pushed claim they were stolen and that you didn’t report it because you didn’t want your friend to get in trouble as he’s going through withdrawal and has enough going on.

Can’t think of a fast acting spell to save your ass, if you’ve got spiritual protection now would be a good time to ask for help.

It’s probably a set up brah. I would either not go, or if you do go bring a few dudes with you. I’m sure you’ve got a brother or two or if not more than just that one male friend. Even if all your male friends/brothers can’t fight I doubt anything will go down if you have more numbers.

He has text messages of me tellin him I’d help him out but that’s it.And yea I have a buddy that’s 7foot tall and 260lbs.I was thinking of just a black candle ritual to make this go away.

you might just want to lay low if you think there could be danger. On the occult side maybe summon glasyos to help.

I’ve never heard of Glasyos before.Where can I find his sigil,and what are his attributes?Istill haven’t had a successful evocation,but I’m not gonna give up.

book of Azazel… Glasyos is the sigil that looks like a half-way drawn heart/spiral

Is there anyone willing to do atarot reading on this situation!I haven’t gotten that far in the divination course yet.That way I would know if Ineed to take majickal action or not.

Do some meth then make the deal already (they are waiting…). It’s best to be super paranoid beforehand. Or just move on and take yourself out of the possibility.

Sage wisdom as always UndeadGod333, which part I’m referring to I’ll leave to the op to decide.

I’ll do a reading for you and get back to you.

Did a 3 card read and seems all will be fine…or so says the cards.

Past-2 of Pentacles
Present-The Moon
Future-10 of Pentacles

Thank you TWF you always have sound advice,and I’ve got alot of good inspiration from some of your posts.This is exactly what these forums should be,people helping each other with their acsent.We are all here for the same basic reason and we are few. Together let us erect our thrones as Gods.Blessed are we who bends the Universe to forge our road of flame and light to godhood.By the way TWF do the cards show what kind of action I should take?(if any)And also what brand of tarot cards do you use or recomend or does it matter?