Urgent help is needed i lost my wallet

It’s a simple spell of sorts I guess you can call it that I found from a grimoire a while ago.

Visualize your item lost and see it feel it and think about its importance as to WHY you just have to find it. You really need to feel and emphasize the need to have it back.

The more intense the better.

When you have that feeling say this three times:

“Saint Anthony
Saint Anthony
Please come down
My -insert item here- is lost and must be found”

It’s always worked for me but feel free to tweak it to make it more simple or elaborate as you want.

I would say the key to this though is feeling that connection to the object


Have you worked with Andromalius?
I lost something invaluable some days ago and I gave Andromalius an offering of my blood on his sigil and received the item the next day