URGENT ~ Dance and body manipulation (serious question!)

Hi guys. I… Let’s say I have a little urgent question for all of You who can provide any help… To start off, those who know me from my previous posts and comments here, know that I am more right-hand-path, healer and guardian type, rather than all vegeance, but this time I feel I have to act… I cannot disclose too much details for my personal safety… Just know that I am planning to work in the name of justice, to avenge innocent people.

If You know how to curse an evil person without physical contact, I would be eternally grateful to all of You. Thank You :heavy_heart_exclamation:
Ps.: This is the type of effect that I want to achieve. If anyone knows powerful technics to connect 2 bodies together like that, please let me know. The rest I will take care of myself :heart_eyes_cat: https://youtu.be/ZsqCtDAQm28

There’s a trick to it. Trace the targets energetic signature, you can do this through a picture, something they’ve written whether analog or digital, basically something they are in someway connected to, that you can focus on (not mandatory, but it makes things easier). Visualize yourself in their shoes, think their thoughts, feel their feelings, become them. Feel them building curse energy and unleashing it on themselves. It’s a neat trick that bypasses most defenses, since most people don’t protect themselves from themselves. Note, this does require fairly serious visualization ability, willpower, and mental power in order to work.


This is just fiction. You can tell, because it’s in a horror movie. Pretty much any ‘magik’ in any move can be ignored as nothing but fluff or at best over-exaggeration, with rare exceptions. It’s not possible with the current energies and understandings of magik.

May I point you towards something like Angel’s of Wrath for useful techniques including vengeance. Or the Goetic daemon Raum, of whom you can ask a curse of vengeance?

Basically, get a grimoire and start researching what techniques are available that have actually worked in the past and survived the test of time. Don’t use modern entertainment as a research tool, you’re going to be disappointed.


That was just the closest example I could find, easy :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I was thinking about sth voodoo-related, but instead of healing or blessing an individual, I could have my vegeance… Hmm… Idk if I want to bother Angels or Demons, if they even wanted “miraculously” to work with this worthless bitch (me) :sweat_smile:

Thank You :heavy_heart_exclamation:

Plus, i know that by use of energy work (not neccesarily magick) one can really cause severe ammount of pain, hemorraging, illness etc… I… Know someone who could do that :sweat_smile: luckily I wastn’t the target :joy:

To do it via energy working means building your internal energy to a level that you can do that, as well as learning techniques to do it remotely. That usually takes several years of daily cultivation.

If that’s your attitude don’t work with the Lwa, they’ll tear you apart. Though with that attitude none of your magik will work anyway so you might get lucky and just be ignored.

The daemons are atavistic representations of the energies you want to work with, it’s not like they’re doing paid jobs, they exist to do what they do and enjoy having the opportunity.

If the work is worth doing, drop mind and just do it.


I know. I will not engage any external entities into my work… I do not deserve them. No matter who they are… But I will try to help them as much as I can… Maybe connecting to them telepathically and sending healing energy, until I am not strong enough to help them in active way… But to let them suffer… . NO WAY dear. I would sacrifice my own energy to heal them if they would need it… Thank You, sir…