Urgent advice

As long as he is alive, things can change, destiny isn’t fixed, I believe. Hope your friend wins this struggle whatever it is he is dealing with and if not he finds peace.

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okay thanks guys u all for helping me out thanks alot

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well it’s not really “seeing” so to speak, it was more like an image in the back of my mind that flashed long enough for me to know what it was, acompanied with a distinct feeling of death

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I agree, he is no longer living. Was he into voyeurism?

Well…that escalated…

Ok, another deep topic to me, maybe the better word to describe you guy is “Talent” :+1:t2:

two of swords first draw – death second card. I would suggest the person in the picture is deceased.

the two of swords is you op ‘The blindfold over her eyes tell us that the woman/man is confused about her plight and that she can see neither the problem nor the solution clearly.’

Tarot can be so fucking strangely on target.



How would you not know a “dear” friend is dead?

It’s so impressive that you all are able to know this. I aspire to become like you guys


well i wouldn’t really call it talent😅
it sounds like more than it really is, but still…thanks🙃



yes why not dear