Urgent advice on emergency magick

So let it go this way. There is a relation that always comes to live with us. They have their house and funds but will never leave us alone. I will say they spend up to 200 days per year with us. They are abusive,gossip,and abhorrent.

I got news they will be coming tomorrow and they could stay a month.

I know rushing magick is wrong but I got the news barely an hour back
My mental health is at stake. I am losing it. My blood pressure may rise.

Please is there any white magick or angel or spell or anything I can use to stop them from coming tomorrow?
I am really desperate.

@DarkestKnight @mullberry @shinri @verdo please your assistance will be appreciated.

There’s great magic in Rest/Sabbath.

Thank you. I appreciate if you will be more clear on this.

Gordon Winterfield’s book Magickal Attack does include some protective workings that may be of help to you. The three I have in mind are:
-One with Geradiel to move someone out of your life
-A ritual to bind someone from acting against you
-A ritual for silencing gossips

Also, Damon Brand’s Magickal Protection book contains a number of rituals that may be of use in your situation. Including one to take power from a bully and one for silencing gossip.


There’s no dis-ease in the peace that surpasses our understanding. Healing & magic will be one, that’s what BALG is all about. It’s best if you seek the source of the Sabbath.

Try the Runes, they work very fast, and you can do them starting right where you are.

I got this technique from Freyja Norling on youtube… wet your finger, trace the time on your palm with intention.

Even if it’s too late and they arrive, you can use these to help yourself day to day. You can combine them as well.

Thurisaz for protection
Laguz for moving things along faster

I like runesecrets.com for listing the rune meanings.

Also try a binding, such as Vovin’s Freeze spell to bind them from wanting to visit, from bothering you if they visit and from generally being a leech.


You can also use this:


Interesting. I had a look at the rune secrets site and the book it promotes. I’m not clear from the book description or reviews about whether it’s only about the divination aspect or if it also teaches the getting outcomes aspect?

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Can you share the link of that particular video.

I found it, but it looks that video and in fact the whole series she did on the Runes has gone members only.

I posted this before here somewhere, I’ll see if I can find it

This is the post I’m thinking of.

I forgot I made this collection, sorry @Michellekabod I should have posted this earlier. :smiley:

We have so many member made tutorials I started collecting them by theme, so you can browse a list of this and other “collections” in the “Notables” mega thread. This is the 2nd post down.

I’m not sure why you want to use magic for this when just being direct with communication would probably be more effective. Is there are reason you can’t simply tell them you can’t accommodate them at this time?