Hi all,
Fairly new to magickal workings and evocation. Whilst reading numerous materials on evocation including evoking eternity, and contemplating my first attempt at such, I have been having what I can only describe as thoughts that are completely changing my views of reality. This began happening more and more as time went on, to the point that it got so intense that I felt I could no longer associate with the typical 9-5 working class mindset and way of life. I suppose it could be called a shift of conciousness and awareness.
During this time, I began to wonder if this new awareness could be the result of guidance or knowledge being giving to me by an entity?
As I contemplated this one night, listening to music on my headphones, whilst asking mentally mentallyif this was the case, i got the most
spontaneous, and out of the ordinary image in my minds eye of a white background with the word ‘Uras’ in bold black letters. As this happened, i uttered this word without even realizing it. Again just so spontaneous.
So basically im wondering if any body had any idea what this is about? Or if this is indeed an entity, has anyone ever worked with or encountered Uras?
My intuition is telling me that this is an entity. I practice meditation daily, have had third eye visuals etc, but nothing as pronounced or vivid as this?
Any input or guidance from here would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you all for your time,

In the Anton Parks writing Uras (Urash) is the reptilian (Gina’abul) name of our planet.

Don’t know if it can help.

Have you been calling for a specific entity? Like a spirit from evoking eternity?

A retraction from everyday life is common after spiritual enlightenment, growth or achievement. You’ll find yourself withdrawn and unable to relate to just about anyone. This comes and goes. For best results magick is to be kept a secret facet of your life. Compartmentalized, and tucked away from prying eyes.

As far as your special word, it could be a spirit, but most likely a word of power meant just for you. Use it. Experiment with that word. I was handed one a year ago and have used it for empowering all of my rituals. I use the same word on the astal to work the miraculous.

Thank you both for your prompt and informative replies. Zekariah, I have not been calling out as such but have been wondering what demon I should evoke for my first attempt. I have never encountered anything like this which is why, despite it seeming apparent that this could be an answer to my ‘wondering’ , i felt the need to ask you guys on this board in case it could be something else.

If you’re reading evoking eternity either Deggal or One of the elemetals would be best to start with. Unless you really feel drawn to another spirit start with either of those.