Uranus in Taurus Physical Effects


As you all may or may not know, we have had a pretty major planetary shift last month when Uranus entered into the sign of Taurus. I have been researching how this will effect my life as my sun and moon signs are two of the fixed zodiacs that are said to be most effected by this shift. I swear it looks like I have taken a magickal anti aging serum over the past month since the shift occurred! Does anyone know if Uranus in Taurus can cause some sort of increased internal (and external) healing effects in the body? I haven’t done any anti aging workings of any kind and if anything my diet has been way worst than normal over the past few weeks. This just seems a little weird!

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Hm I feel like I’m looking better too.

For a while I felt like crap, just negative feelings making me look quite bad. And I thought it was an energetic purge that I’ve just come out of. But maybe it’s got something to do with Uranus in Taurus. I’m gonna check where all the planets are actually so I’m not gonna have any more big surprises.

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