Uranus and Lucifer

According to Fraternitas Saturni, Lucifer is the highest octave of Saturn and it’s Uranus.
The lowest octave is Satan.
Since yesterday Uranus is in Taurus.
What does it meas in occult terms?



Material manifestation of the individuation process started in Aries. The ones that started to liberate themselves from old conditioning will benefit this 7 years transit as it will help manifest the material reality they desire.The ones that did not do the work so far will find it more difficult to get started and see results fast. Also the change has to start with the foundation, and to be completely honest about what you truly desire, as any inauthenticity is causing more undesired manifestation. Uranus is challenging fixated ways of being or doing things, more specific related to worth, value, self-worth. Uranus`s goal is always to elevate whatever its doing at any point by transit.


It’s an interesting topic.