Uplift a curse

My sister cursed that I would be out of job and I will sell my property, because I said something mean to her. Now I lost my job 2 years ago and did not get a job yet…result of which I hv to sell my property for money survival. How can I ask my sister to uplift the curse? Any kind of prayers to save me and my family. Please help me

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Well, been there done that. Food pantries can become your friend.

There are angels of Gemini that can send back curses or redirect it into a black hole. There used to be a common one, called Return to Sender. If you know for a fact someone cursed you, perhaps Vovins Freezer Spell.


Thanks for your reply. I read about Vovins spell. After reading about it, I realise I do not want to harm her. I am new to these spells. Have never tried these things before. Can you recommend a spell which will help me and my husband get a desired job and save us from selling our beautiful house.