Upgrade your dreaming software

Alright this is a concept I have been thinking about for the past few weeks. I want to become an Oneriomancer in the strongest sense of the word. I want my dreams to first become a second reality complete with realistic physics, sense of touch, taste, smell as well as a sense of uninterrupted consciousness. basically I want to make my dreams to become a constant source of inspiration, knowledge and power.

imagine training for parkour in your sleep, or evoking an entity and having a face to face conversation while enjoying a good meal. or even accessing things like your subconscious or the akashic records and gleaming straight information. exploring the mayan temples or traveling to the past or future. but most of all, I want to use my dreams, as well as my subconscious to reform my conscious mind into a form I desire.

now how does one go about this? how does one change one’s psychic content.

first you need to study yourself, greatly in detail. you need to learn about dream interpretation(whichever model you feel will work best). I’m kind of fond of Jungian psychology in this regard, it’s a great jumping off point for establishing your own view of things. just don’t become a die hard Jungian.

Dreams exist in order for you to tell yourself a story, about yourself, about life, about what lies beyond. they are the well spring of all myth, and dare I say all magic. dreams are the point of origin for everyone who shares the “witchblood,”. in order to make use of this aspect I suggest two things, first one is to pick up creative writing, get used to telling stories, if only for fun. the second is to learn more about stories both ancient and modern. here is a jumping off point.


the next step is to purge your mind of previous psychic content. you need to do some kind of purification, I was thinking of modifying the 30 day purification ritual from the blood sorcery bible for this purpose. getting rid of old paradigms and other psychic clutter is essential for the work to come.

the next thing you need to look at is symbolic ritual. as much as I hate groups like the order of the phosphorus, temple of set, and the golden dawn for their lack of concern for practical advancement, their rites did fulfill this role. participating in rituals that are acts of psychological blasphemy(such as almost everything in the Order of the phosphorus are great in the beginning of you journey. breaking taboo’s even strictly psychological ones, will allow you some sense of separation from the rest of humanity. Then you need to partake of rituals that are symbolic of myths(such as a ritual of apep swallowing the sun) as a way of getting your psyche to identify with the information. this may also be the purpsose of taking a certain sense of asthetics with your ritual(as long as you know none of it is necessary in the utilitarian sense what is the harm?).

The next step is the cultivation of the senses. I am currently trying to develop a strategy towards this end. the two things I would currently recommend is to employ either a banishing ritual multiple times a day, or a similar rite used to develop tactile sensation(i.e. “feeling the magic”) robert bruces new system also works toward this end. the other piece of advice I can give you is to study the various effects caused by vitamins and herbs on sleep and dreams. I would recommend the book advanced lucid dreaming, but this in not the only source you need to take into consideration, as their are many other substances, legal or otherwise, that will effect your dreams in some way. I plan on studying this more in depth as time goes on.

Your next area of concern is what you are taking in on a daily basis. watching movies, playing games, and all other forms of recreation should start to come under scrutiny. the stories you watch (or participate in in case of games) become part of your psychic content. mindless entertainment needs to become a thing of the past. do you really want to see jar jar binks in your dreams(yeah, I thought not). Everything you participate in needs to have purpose(such as playing a shitload of assassin’s creed, along with practicing parkour, to up the rate of parkour related dreams.)

I leave you with a article that may inspire you to take up playing video games.


I don’t know what do you guys think? do you have any suggestions?