UPG, Notes on Naamah and Vampire Magick

I wanted to share with you guys some of my notes. You can use this alongside with my submission in the anthology if you choose to do so. I just wanted to touch basis on some things that I didn’t cover.

Naamah is the demonic gatekeeper to Nahemah the world of shadows and a guide to those on the vampiric path of damnation. She bestows her hidden teachings and gnosis to those she deems worthy of vampiric ascent.

She is a vampire, demoness and ruler of Malkuth’s anti-world Nahemah. Malkuth is known as the embodiment of the mundane physical world whereas Nahemah is the shadow side of this earthly realm.

Nahemah is the hidden world or etheric plane that overlaps this existence and this is where all forms of vampiric magick take place. Vampires, hungry ghosts, succubae and incubae are just a few of the many beastly entities who congregate here.

In Gnostic Luciferian beliefs, Naamah is associated with nocturnal magick and is known as the maiden aspect of the Triple Moon Goddess. As the maiden she is the untamable, young and wild mistress of this earth who is the embodiment of shakti. She awakens the dormant or sleeping primal energy known as Kundalini that’s often referred to as a serpent coiled up at the base of your spine.

Once this energy has been awakened, man can ascend to a divine level and receive spiritual enlightenment. It is in the moments of raising this blissful ecstatic energy, man receives gnosis and comes into contact with the more motherly and loving aspects of this dark goddess.

In this form she is known as Lilith, the harlot mother of all witchborn and bestower of hidden wisdom. She is the divine feminine force who inspires us to create and define ourselves as living gods but this kind of knowledge comes with a price and often times leads to ones’ downfall.

The Crone and destructive nature of this lunar deity is the primordial dragon, Tiamat. In this aspect she becomes the child-killer or hag demon who’s purpose is to devour and destroy.

Naamah, Lilith and Tiamat are the Maiden, Mother and Crone of The Dark Goddess but each of them independently are personifications of the Triple Moon Goddess. They all share the same attributes of being uncontrollable initiatory forces who lead man to enlightenment or destruction.

Learning how to access this sphere can be difficult if you don’t know how to etheric project. Naamah teaches this but it can be pretty horrifying to meet her.

If you decide on working with Naamah you can anoint her sigil with blood and place it under your mattress or pillow before you go to bed. When you go to sleep focus on meeting her. I usually vibrate her name(s) over and over in my head until I start drifting off into sleep. This is when she appears and things can take a turn for the worse. She will either torment you while you’re in the state of sleep paralysis or if you overcome the fear that comes along with her she can act as a guide and pull you out of body.


Notes and Conclusion after experiencing this time and time again

When one finds themselves truly out of body, there is a strong pull that leads back to your physical self. Much like a magnetic attraction. Remaining conscious of yourself in this state is easy, it is being able to control yourself fluidly that is the problem.

With my past experiences I have found myself crawling on the ground using much might to break free of my pull to experience my new environment and my other state of being without restraint.

  This connection between your etheric body to your physical being is where the energy comes from that originally sustains you, this is why it is so hard to break it. When in this state of being it is not your mind that takes control, it is your subconscious mind. Your conscious mind states intent and your subconscious mind acts accordingly- much like that in the physical realm. You feel thirst, you desire a drink. You consciously go to the fridge, grab a drink and quench your thirst. The difference I find is that when comparing that scene playing out in the etheric realm- that was too much thinking.

In the etheric, you consciously would desire a drink. Your body will go out and find one without listening to your reasoning that there should be a drink in the fridge nearby. Your body will more than likely leave the premises and find its’ own way of getting a drink.

  The intent I had when I endured my vampiric experience was to remain out of my physical body. Therefore my subconscious mind did what it took to sustain my etheric body once I broke free of my pull, giving the results I desired in the first place. It was when I consciously questioned what my subconscious was doing, thinking of the morals of the act that had taken place, is when I was kicked from my journey. Reflecting on that part of the experience led me to a discovery.

  When I was an etheric being, I feel now that I was some kind of creature. A creature who just acted out of impulse, my civilized, conscious mind seemingly on the side lines of what was happening, trying to guide the situation from afar. Much like being in a taxi. One decides the destination, but it is not in their control how they get there.

As I stated before, my intent was to stay out of body, which was communicated to my etheric being, but what I did not think of is how could an etheric being sustain itself after breaking free of my personal energy? My subconscious self already knew how. It was to take energy from any nearby source. I didn’t consciously know anyone was next door, but my other self did, and it knew what it needed to do to fulfill my intent. I watched what I took part in and after it happened, the questioning of the act to my personal morals flooded my mind and conscious thought eventually took over- kicking me out.

  Much like Freud's theories of the id, ego and superego, I feel that the creature I had become was an embodiment of the id. The impulse-ridden, survival and pleasure-hungry basis of all behavior. My conscious thought being the distant echo of ego, the reasoning of one's actions and process of fulfilling the impulses and desires emanating from the id. Then the superego, the thinking of morals, right and wrong of actions to take or actions done, being the process of thought that took over me at the end of my journey.

  I discovered that I could not use all of my conscious thought while in the etheric realm. Using it will only lead to a shortened journey. That there is no room for morals or overpowering thought processes in the etheric realm. Therefore, I needed to focus on reconditioning my processes of thought, so that I would feel confident enough to essentially "coach" my subconscious, but not enough to smother it. I needed to trust that my subconscious will execute my intent, and not question if it got the message or question what it was doing.

  After much reflection of my experience and conclusions, I saw that my etheric being was a wild creature and I was its' master, but, like with all captive wild creatures, you have to understand that it is its' own being and it will do what it does naturally. You cannot beat it down to bend to your will. This will desecrate the true nature of the beast. It will become weak and a one trick show pony.

  With this experience and understanding, I've experimented with meditations and created the one found in the AoS and others that I use to this day. Utilizing these meditations and practices I eventually found myself able to withstand being out of my body for periods of time I had once thought impossible. I have been able to physically experience things I once thought was out of my reach. The manner of which I gather energy has expanded to many different ways, but I have found the best way to gather etheric-sustaining energy is through the means of directly stealing the life force from others. I could discuss the morality of this, but does a lion feel bad for eating a baby zebra? This is all about vampiric magick after all.

  In order for those down the vampiric path to experience the true potential of the vampiric current is to connect with the inner beast and essentially become a creature of the night themselves.

  The thought of what happens to us when our physical bodies perish has been a question that has lasted throughout all the ages of man. It has guided us to develop moral and social codes of conduct, it has empowered us to live our lives to the fullest with the time we have left, it has even made men fall by their own hands. When discussing the nature of death and knowing that each and every one of us will one day meet our life's end can fill a person with many emotions. It can cause self-reflection on the life they are living and if they need a change in path, it can cause sadness, or maybe even happiness for the pessimistic.

  It is believed that when our bodies die, our soul carries on into the after life. It is usually believed among the populace that our souls are then shuffled and funneled into our final destinations. It is also said that our souls are to return to this world, or with enough spiritual enlightenment gained in one's life, become a god-like being.

  We are all just energetic beings trapped in flesh. Once the flesh is gone, we are free. It now becomes a question of what to do with that freedom. There are many accounts of survivors who have encountered near-death. It's usually a tunnel of light, a visitation of their life, a pleasurable inviting feeling of letting go. These people usually end up having the underlying factor that during their experience they end up out of their body at some point. With this in mind, it would be logical to conclude that becoming proficient and comfortable with your ethric body will be of the utmost beneficial for one who wishes to become immortal.

  On the topic of second death, it is believed that the mind and spirit are internally bound by the flesh. Upon the expiration of the flesh, the mind and spirit are released of their connection and are ejected into the astral plane, now separated. While in the astral plane, a choice presents itself: go to the spiritually-enticing "light" or reject the light and follow the mind to the etheric plane. Those who find the inner drive or purpose of their life centering around fulfillment of spiritual or mind will determine how one will make the presented choice during the stay in the astral plane.

  If one was to ultimately choose the light, the mind will dissolve and the spirit will be recycled and regurgitated back into the cycle of existence. It is this process that a majority of people fall into, continuously having their spirit reincarnated for eons.

  This calls into explanation the subject of old souls, those souls who have metaphorically "played the game of life" long enough to know how the game works, and are wanting a different ending, but have no mind for the understandings of such thoughts and feelings- which draws them to the teachings of such things like the occult. It is understandable for those who want the light - it is a beautiful and warm light where, no matter the belief one had in life, one will feel it to lead to a good place. It would appear that this is a safer route than delving into the other choice, where one has no knowledge or understanding of what it would entail.

  While those who reject the light and follow the mind to the etheric realm will have their spirit dissolve, and exist as an etherc being, gaining unprecedented knowledge and experiences of their choosing. It is until their physical body is completely consumed and  recycled into the earth will their mindful essence end up with the same fate. This is where all the discoveries of the vampiric path have led me.

  Utilizing these practices and the teachings of Naamah, I have found that the vampiric path not only has the potential to help those with a strong will, and with enough courage, help a person escape the pull of the light and delve into the anti-world, but to also be able to sustain their etheric being long after their physical bodies have deteriorated back into the soil.

Other Vampiric Spirits worth mentioning

Abrahel is a vampiric spirit who appears as a tall, beautiful and provocative woman wearing an elegant red dress. She has long blonde hair and entrancing blue eyes that can see into the heart of any man. It is common to hear the sound of a harp playing in the distance upon her arrival and she speaks in a soft melodic voice.

Abrahel in her benevolent aspect smothers the magician with warm, kind and sensual loving energy. If the magician chooses to let go and embrace this energy she will dissolve all feelings and matters that have caused the conjurer pain or heart ache in the past. She is a healer and loving guide towards those she cares about and she will teach the magician who conjures her many things that involve the art of seduction, necromancy and beautification of the self.

In her baneful aspect she may decieve and seduce those she hates with promises of omnipotent power and dominion that can only be actualized by committing heinous acts of cannibalism, murder and rape. The most difficult thing about working with Abrahel is the fact that she has no moral compass and it’s hard to tell if her benevolent nature is sincere.

She has a tenancy to lead magicians down a path of destruction by revealing to them methods of forbidden alchemy that would be used to make the self immortal and beautiful or give one the ability to raise the dead. In a sense the things that she teaches and the desires she floods the conjurer’s mind with, is reminicent of Elizabeth Bathory and her obsession with keeping a youthful appearce by committing murder and using blood alchemy to stay beautiful forever. Acting on the methods and repressed desires she reveals may have a short term pay off but in the long term this will only lead to imprisonment or something far worse.

In this case she would be the perfect spirit to work with if you wanted her to ensnare someone with the powers of seduction and force them to carry out your will no matter how wretched the act may be. People who fall for delusions that lead to murder and suicide are often victims of her because she is a vampiric fiend who consumes the negative energy that is released during these tragic events.

When evoking Abrahel to inflict harm on someone or kill them, it is very important to give her precise instructions on what you want done to the victim. If this isn’t done, her curious nature will get the best of her and she will turn the victim on the conjurer as a test of worthiness which could result in death for both parties.

If you choose to work with Abrahel it is important to anoint her sigil with weekly offerings of blood and sexual fluids in order to ensure that she remains honest and sincere. Once called upon it is almost impossible to completely banish this spirit and because of this a certain level of commitment is needed to benefit from working with her.

Sarisyia appears as a translucent alluring seductress with long black hair and pail white skin. She has piercing hazel eyes and a pair of small horns that evenly stick out right below the hairline on her forehead. Often times she resides in the shadows of the magician’s temple allowing the darkness to shroud her flawless, nude and supple body. Sarisyia is a baneful spirit of many faces who has the ability to shapeshift before the magician. This fiend doesn’t say much but when she speaks to the magician it’s always in an aggressive manner. When this spirit is evoked there is a noticable drop in temerature within the conjurer’s temple upon her arrival.

She takes pleasure in inflicting harm upon those she loves and hates. It is common for her to be somewhat antagonistic or hostile towards the magician who evokes her and it’s a normal occurance to be bitten or scratched during any ritual that involves her. Sarisyia is a spirit who causes sleep paralysis and she feeds off of her victim’s fear by raping them during one of these episodes.

During the moment of attack her victim often wakes up to sratching or painful moaning coming from the darkest corner of his or her room. The victim will wake up and try to investigate these sounds only to find themselves paralyzed by extreme dread or fear.

Once this happans Sarisyia will crawl up on to the bed of her victim and straddle them. Afterwards the once beautiful concubine will shapeshift into her prey’s worse nightmare and she will begin syphoning and consuming the victim’s lifeforce directly from their mouth. If she is attacking someone she will leave them in a perpetually weakened and depressed state. The individual who’s experiencing this will try to take their own life in order to escape this or die from organ failure due to the large quantity of lifeforce they are loosing from her nightly visits.
This spirit only has one purpose for a magician and it’s to kill or inflict harm upon his or her enemies.

There is no guarantee that this spirit will assist you in this and if you choose to evoke Sarisyia your taking a chance that she might choose to make you her next victim. If you’re truly looking to gain this spirit’s favor and assistance then she accepts offerings of blood and Absinthe. These offerings should be made weekly until the task that you agreed upon with her is completed.


If you have any questions or concerns feel free to message me or post them on here. I’m going to add more to this thread in the future as well. I’m sorry if there was any typos, I typed this all on wordpad lol. I hope you guys enjoy my craziness. :slight_smile:

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LOVE it!!

No questions at the moment, but that was a fascinating read, thank you. :slight_smile:

A Word of Advice,

Spirits tend to reflect you back. Naamah or any other Qlippoth will indeed terrify you. In order to Negate a Negative emotion which feeds the spirit, you can use an Opposite Positive Emotion instead. Sex/lust is a very potent positive emotion that can Negate fear.

So instead if you deal with Naamah, try evoking her to torment you by sexually teasing you with Oral or something =) I am actually being serious. Sex can be a very valuable tool, when learning how to Control Spirits by DOLING OUT EMOTIONS…because that’s what they do, they feed off your emotional energy in the interaction.

I never said I was terrified of these beings and I’m not looking to have sex with them either. I said Na’ameh was horrifying to meet because someone whose never experienced this could be traumatized by this kind of interaction. It was more of a word of warning to those who are new to this.

Having sex with a Qliphothic spirit would drain you of your vitality, depleting you until you became an empty shell without any energy. Instead of falling victim to your desires the only purpose that “sex” serves with these beings is to reach an ecstatic state of mind that releases your soul into higher states of consciousness. These beings use your desires (weakness) against you because their sole purpose is to devour. They are vampires.

Sexual Evocation could be utilized as a way to evoke her and other spirits as well. By arousing yourself these spirits “reflect you back” because they are formed from your desire and are given life by you during orgasm. They manifest as you desired them if you achieve the death posture. Afterwards the sexual fluids are used as an offering to the spirit your working with.

In regards to my prior posts, this method could be utilized for out-of-body travel as well. A person can have an intense orgasm and drift off into nothingness after climax. If the focus of the ritual was to evoke a guide you can visualize this spirit and anchor yourself to them when they appear to you. This will yank you out of body.

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Damn! That was an intense read. Thank you for sharing your experiences!

Where is the sigil for Abrahel located?

I have a personal one that I received from her during a blind evocation. If you want to communicate with her I would make one from the rose cross, evoke her and ask her for a more personal one. I’ve done this with a lot of spirits. Furthermore, since she’s a lunar spirit a great book that could be utilized in the making of her sigil would be the book of smokeless fire. The lunate script is pretty cool imo. You can take it as far as you want. If you don’t have access to this, Passing the River or the Theban alphabet could be employed when making her sigil. You could add a trident to your sigil symbolizing lunar current or even draw a picture of her based on my description. Spirits love to be the inspiration of someone’s artistic creation. I think the most powerful sigils are the ones you create yourself. You just got to make them out of love.

Man, I liked it very much, I never looked at vampirism in this way. Mind you, it is not something I have ever tried, but I used to wonder… This was truly enlightening… Hope you write some more on it.

Wow, this has been an extremely candid revelation and I applaud you for it - thank you so much for sharing!

I have to add that there’s a lot in this that fits in way too well with some things that I have experienced, both early tendencies in my first steps at trying to get out of body or go lucid, and even recent instances of being contacted out of the blue by the Aztec deity Tezcatlipoca who has been teaching a form of astral shapeshifting into predatory New World animals in order to vampirize dreamers.

Since you’ve opened the floor for questions, I would actually like to ask if anything leaps out at you about one particular experience, because I am not at all familiar with the Sephiroth/Qlippoth or its entities.

Right before I was contacted in a major way by an emissary of Tezcatlipoca, I ended up “naturally” turning into a jaguar in a dream/travel and hunting down/feeding on others. This was noticed by a female figure that I thought at first was a bystander like all the others, but she somehow “cleared the area” of these others and beckoned me to follow her off to the side, which I did, realizing as this happened that I was no longer in the shape of a jaguar but a man.

She led me into a room that just appeared as if it had been hidden there all along, and it seemed to have a “temple” atmosphere. She was now wearing robes, and I couldn’t seem to take in a very good look at her visage but I believe she had darker hair and was very pale. She congratulated me on being “let in” to this temple, as if I knew much more than I actually do. She then gave instructions for me to be “taught”, and looked behind me. I turned and there was another woman, young and quite beautiful, in robes. This one I remember distinctly was blonde, with long hair hanging in those not-quite-curls things I don’t know the name of lol.

She said something to me which I don’t remember because she pulled from her robes some kind of device with three sharp prongs like particularly huge needles. The took my hand, and then stabbed the three prongs into my left forearm. I felt like it was almost syringe-like, something beyond physical being transmitted into my energetic body if you follow me, and I woke up almost immediately still feeling acutely the exact spots pierced by the dream prongs. I was wide awake, and made myself assured that there was no known physical reason for me to wake up with those three specific points on my arm bearing this sensation.

Since then things have seemed to line up with increase in what you could call “vampiric knowledge”, in my instance in the form of embodying different predator animals of America in order to hunt normal people (yeah, I can relate to wondering if you’ve slipped into full-on psychopathy).

I would be very grateful to know whether anything in this strikes a chord with you, whether it might relate to knowledge you have that I don’t.

Thanks in advance, and just for sharing all this!

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It seems like we’re experiencing the same thing from different points of view. I’m currently working with Ford’s books and his techniques concerning astral shapeshifting and vampirism. I often take the form of a werewolf/werebeast when I go on my journeys. The Book of The Witch Moon is a great reference book if you need one for this kind of stuff. I couldn’t recommend it enough…

The most profound experience I had with this concerning the qliphoth was when I passed through the first grade of initiation given in the SVM. Given that I was a newb to some of this stuff and I didn’t have very much control over my etheric double at that time, the experience I had was nothing short of traumatizing. The ritual I did infects/possesses the magician with parasitic shades and/or hungry ghosts from thirteen cemeteries alongside with the devouring dark gods and goddesses of the qliphoth.

Every night for almost a month after the ritual I experienced nightmares and sleep paralysis. I would have hag attacks on a regular basis and the dreams I had of the spirits I invoked would consist of them tying me down and covering my body with leeches and parasites that would work their way under my skin. I could feel them burrowing into my muscles and organs as they went deeper and deeper. When this happened to me it would cause me to feel pain and snap me awake. The sensations would still be there when I woke up. It was almost as if I could feel worms moving around under my skin every time I snapped awake. That shit was strange but after it subsided I found myself much more proficient in vampirism as well as being in control of my oobes. After this is when I had my awakening I wrote about and it’s been nothing but leaps in progress since then.

Perhaps when she stuck you with that syringe she “infected” you with something in the same sense I was. This could be seen as communion or a grade of initiation that has probably awakened some of your latent abilities and attributing to your increase in vampiric knowledge. That’s what I take from it.

I’ve come to the understanding that there is no room for morals when your a creature of the night. Some people might call it psychopathy but I call it being on top of the food chain. People who haven’t experienced this will never understand the difference between imagining this stuff and actually physically feeling the sensations that go along with hunting and eating people in the form of a beast. I feel like I’ve crossed the threshold into a new world were I can actually be me. This is an accomplishment for me, you and anyone with these capabilities. Everyone else is just prey.

Yeah I really appreciate talking to you about this. It’s cool to see that others have taken it this far as well. Feel free to ask me anything.


That is some intense stuff. I’m new to this still, but the similarities are very encouraging that I’m not madly descending into unreasoning psychosis haha. But yes, it’s not evil for evil’s sake: it’s just pure nature, a clear dichotomy between predator and prey. The only really alarming thing is what you mentioned, that it first it wasn’t a conscious decision: it was like an animalistic level of my personality that I was not in control of, and its astral rampages really disturbed the hell out of me because they weren’t calculated acts.

My actual ‘lessons’ in dreams/self-hypnoses tended towards stalking/hunting, at first in the shape of a man and then shifting into either a jaguar or golden eagle. Later, though, I started shifting and hunting on my own, and that did end up as a typical ‘werewolf’ form.

If you get bored or interested and want to see what I’ve written about the Tezcatlipoca contact publicly on this forum, it’s at http://becomealivinggod.com/forum/general-discussion/tezcatlipoca/.

Based on what you’ve said in your last post alone, I am definitely going to hunt down a copy of Ford’s book even though I’m cutting back on my reading these days and just exploring on my own. But these similarities are not to be passed up, I feel!

Yeah, it’s definitely gotten easier since I started working with Ford’s book. I’ve been able to fine tune the areas that I was lacking in with his work. It has helped me to become more calculated in my actions but I’m not going to repress this inner nature either. I understand that being the “beast” is all about accepting the inner nature that most people find frightening or disturbing. I feel like it needed to be let free so I can be whole again. These astral rampages have helped me in more ways than one. It’s been very therapeutic.

I guess now as it stands it’s just a matter of how far I can take it. The only problem I have with it is knowing the difference between the lucid dream world and the real world. I’ve had more than a few dreams within dreams that have thrown my perception of reality completely out of the window if you know what I mean. It’s almost as if the more lifeforce you steal on this plane of existence, the more grounded you become in that realm on your journeys. Aside from the few disorienting mishaps everything has been great.

Yeah, I’ll definitely check out your post. Keep me updated!