Updating A Version

Hey there…
I would like to know can any Demon Lord help to change appearance or improve
I’m not here to talk about like completely changing Physical Appearance i mean like improving or updating current physical features and attributes…
Cause I believe that everybody has their own Pretty and Ugly version…
IT JUST NEED AN Improvement
…If Yes then in how much time they could perform this Miracle???

This has been asked a few times with various answers, but I can’t recall who was recommended right now… try the search function or just scrolling though this category and you should come across something.

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Thanks pal

Can magic make yourself taller or change your eye color to affect physical change in one’s appearance the answer is no. I have never heard of a summoner of a goetic demon that has been distinctly able to affect direct physical change to the magician nor i am aware of any spirit that could radically change your physical appearance.

Using your own mind and will you could without the use of magic change yourself by losing weight or change the color of your hair or start working out and gain muscle tone would be my way of changing your appearance to your liking.