Someone did some work for me a while back, to bring influxes of food and money to me. Still waiting on the money, but the food… Already happened. Big time.

After losing my appetite and ability to sleep due to stress, I practically starved. I was mal-nourished, and my muscles were atrophied.

What ever this guy did affected my muscle density, and my metabolism (pretty sure those 2 go hand in hand).

Now that I’ve got more than enough food all the time, I’m eating normally again. But I could eat everyone out of house and home if I didn’t have the amount of self control that I do. I’m always hungry. No matter how much I eat.

Some Spiderman shit happened, no joke. I woke up one day and went to get into the shower, walked by the mirror and had to take a step back. I’ve got definition in my arms and shoulders that wasn’t there before. I can’t tell if I’m bigger, or smaller. What I mean is I can’t tell if I’ve got muscle growth, or just a lot less fat.

Ever since my nervous breakdown I haven’t had my strength. Not anywhere near the amount I had before. Until he did what he did to my muscle density. Now I’ve got my strength and then some.

The one thing I could never do was proper push ups. Just incline pushups. My upper body’s always been lacking in comparison to my legs. Now it’s like they’re on an even playing field. I’d even say my upper body has an edge right now due to my broken ankle. My left calf is nowhere near as strong as it was due to the part of the bone that’s disconnected from the rest. The ligament pulls, and nothing resists. It’s almost like I can’t use the full muscle, only part of it.

And my metabolism… No matter how much I eat I sill burn it off. Despite the fact that I’m not working out at the moment. I don’t want to do anything with my upper body until I can work out my legs again.

This has happened once before. On my 18th birthday.

I ate nothing but poutine and burgers for 3 months straight, not working out in the slightest. Still burned off 10 lbs of fat per month.

When I do work out I don’t burn any more than that. But I do gain weight at the same time. I gain muscle quickly. I gained 4 lbs of muscle and burned 30 lbs of fat in the 3 months that I was going to the gym every day.

Im starting to think you are Sevarn himself. Just kidding…

What kind of work did they do, if you don’t mind sharing?

[quote=“Aagaiza, post:3, topic:4400”]What kind of work did they do, if you don’t mind sharing?[/quote]He didn’t get into specifics with me, he just said he did some work that should start bringing me influxes of food and money through my usual sources.

I went from having no food 90% of the time to having more than enough 100% of the time.

Still waiting to see what happens with the money aspect.

I’ve entered 50/50 draws and even bought lottery tickets to see if opening more doors helps, as magic takes the path of least resistance. Which could still very well end up being my usual source, by making a typo on my next check and adding a few extra numbers to the end.