Update! STRANGE dream and Lucifer ?What's wrong with me?

I think Lucifer is showing you your deep fears…ones that could or did block any spiritual work on that guy : when the spellwork get you what you want, he could find out and change his mind then use magick to break your spell and you’ll be back to where you started, maybe even worse.

He’s not telling you that this is what’s going to happen but showing you what you’re thinking subconsciously, and that may affect the result of your work.

When you solve this fear and have firm belief about those thoughts, you will see much better results.

That’s what Lucifer was trying to tell you, in my opinion.


I believe that is him, the soul. Lucifer probably wanted you to know that all of your energy work has reached its destination.

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Don’t i screw the work of the demons thinking that way and being aggressive with him? May be i need to do another ritual?

Should I go back to words of power?

Thank you all for answering :slight_smile:.

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Yes that wasn’t a good idea, when you’re doing love spells or spells to influence someone, you need to stay away or at least not to try to influence them directly… to allow their actions to come from within. I would suggest that you first think about what Lucifer showed you… meditate on those thoughts. Make up your mind about them, so they won’t block your work. Then perform another ritual.

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Although entities and rituals are very potent and useful in aligning your consciousness to your desired state, it still is your consciousness that is the only reality. The only real power is consciousness. So, you must carefully examine your individual self-concept, i.e. all that you accept as true, on this issue. Also remember, that your very consciousness of being individual with “free will”, identity etc. creates inherent variability in most cases. However, the principle holds true: the degree of conviction is the degree of manifestation.

Also important to remember is that everything finite transforms: change is a given in finite existence without exception So don’t get all ruffled when things shift: it could be what’s needed now for what you’d like to happen. If you want a very pleasant trajectory of change, you’ll have to have a very light and detached perspective. Change is a problem only due to our attachments.

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To be honest i dont understand my reaction. I wasnt thinking about him and out of nowhere i get a strong feeling of anger against him and was saying to myself “i want him to die”, thats why i get mad at him and texted him. I have to think about it too.

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Thank you i admit i forgot about that, which is essential.
I performed a divinatiion with pendulum yesterday and it told me to work again on him…

This could have been a release of one of the blocks that is keeping you separated. It could be something within you, something within him, something from this lifetime, or something from a past lifetime.

When you do energy work or work with demons, the key ingredient is KNOWING that the demons know what it is that you’ve asked of them.

Your entire universe must shift in-order to bring in the timeline that you have asked for. It’s a massive puzzle.

The best thing you can do is shift your focus entirely away from him.

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So in your opinion i shouldnt perform another ritual and just go on with my life?
Thank you for your the explanation i understand more my reaction cause it was quite exaggerated and coming from “nowhere”.

It really is about beliefs. Once you align those to your desired state you’ll be fine.

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Yes, you now know that the energy work you have done has reached its destination. The best thing you can do is to focus on something that does not hold the desire of being with this man. Something that brings you joy and happiness. This will become your path of least resistance.

Right now, any thoughts, desires, anger you have is contributing to the existing energies, which may be hindering the work already done or being done.


Thank you both for the answer.
Ill let it set and calm my mind first for few days or weeks and will attacked again to see how things go.