Update on working with the Vodun Queen

I had a lucid dream within a lucid dream.

I know it was completely messed up. I went to bed the next day after working on recipes Marie had given me for some vodun powders to keep for future ritual work.

I went to sleep and in my dreams I was standing with Marie Laveau next to a bonfire, her eyes seemed to see into my very soul and I could tell that this wasn’t altogether just any old dream.

She told me this: “The work of Le Grand Houngan does not just stop when he sleeps. In time you will know how to see all and know all. I will teach you.

For now we navigate the realms of sleep, you must master the art of walking in your dreams. And she laid her hand on my forehead and pushed me into the bonfire.

I awoke in another dream on a bed while sleeping. I knew I was asleep and in that dream I was also dreaming. Turns out as I learnt later that I was in the dreams of someone else.

I woke up in that dream and I began to walk, I walked around and interacted with people I did not know but I could see and feel and smell everything with a startling vividness that I was just not used to.

I walked outside under the clouds and I wished I was up there, suddenly I found myself in the middle of the parking lot of my local grocery store and I began to lift off the ground. It was strange and comical because I felt exactly like I would have if I was doing that in real life.

I flew up into the clouds, higher and higher till I broke through what looked to be a cloud surface and emerged above.

I then abruptly woke up adrenaline racing through my veins.

I’m exciting to see what’s in store as I work through whatever Marie has to teach me


I think she said the truth… :blush:

Problem every lucid dreamer, dream Walker faces!!!