Update on tonights invocation

Just finished my invocation with Lucifer. Here is the altar as it waa during the invocation.


Its beautiful :heart_eyes:

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Thank you…I was preparing for over two hours and I took my time with the ritual. The visualusations in the ritual I spent more time with. I am so happy with tonights invocation

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That’s awesome! I’m glad everything went well for you. :blush:

Thank you…I tried a new method of asking questions which I found on Orlee Stewart’s youtube channel…were you write your questions down then rephrase them in a code. And I knew Lucifer was answering the questions even tho they were in code and I asked him to confirm his answers by using the candles: yes = the flame going left and no = going right. So yes I am so amped up and tonight’s invocation which was a big improvement from last week

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That sounds wonderful!