Update on spirit living in my bathroom

At first I thought it was just one spirit living in my room but I was wrong. Counted up to five different spirits residing here. One specifically though loves my bathroom. Tall, male and shadow figure. Loves to touch me and my jewerly. Kept on burning sage, rosemary- did several banishing spells. Nothing worked. I had some symbols on my mirror with the pentagram on it and an eye, when I looked the next day- it looked like someone wiped off the symbols. They were completely gone. No one has been in my bathroom but me. Legit get stared at when going to the restroom or taking a shower. Last night, it felt like the spirit was going inside me. Every single time I pushed it out, it got mad. When I was done with the toilet business, he pulled my pants up and my shirt down. Had to keep closing my vag cause something was trying to get inside. I don’t know what to think of this. I’m not scared just more annoyed then anything. When In front of a mirror I can see the spirit. My house is literally a gateway between the dead and living. So many shadows and spirits roam the living room. If any one can help or recommend what to do next that would be great. Thanks.

I had a problem with an entity of some description living in my house which i used to rent out and every tenant that rented it got into terrible arguements all the time with each other and when my wife and I went there between tenents we had the same thing within five minutes of being in the house we would be verbally tearing each other appart
the old lady living opposite was a romanian gypsy and one day she said to me "Your house is very unhappy and there is something living in there that is feeding off the negative energy that it is breeding to encourage negativity in it’s human inhabitants "
so I decided to exorcise
So I went on to the joy of satan .org site and discovered that there is a sanscrit word to destroy unwanted entities But do not use it in the presents of either human or animal spirits because it would destroy them too
I went all around the house in every room one at a time with a huge amount of sage asking nine times for all human and animal spirits to leave and not come back for their own safety I then opened lucifer’s sigil went all around the house with sea salt and asked lucifer to shepherd any human or animal spirits where they need to go for their best result Then after that I went into every room with a bowl of rock salt and Lucifer’s sigil and said in a very loud voice something like
In the name of Satan Lucifer I command you to leave this place permenantly or be completely and utterly destroyed you have 15 seconds to leave
after 15 seconds i took a pinch of salt and yelled venomously “Vinnassa” (apparently it is sanskrit for you are no more and after 9x in each room they are finished ) and hurled the salt into the corner of the room nine times in each room in each corner top and bottom and once in the middle
almost the last room I went in was a little damp room which was never used and all ways there was no sun getting in it so it always felt depressing but i went in there and told them they have 15 seconds to leave or die i got to about thirteen seconds and I was hit by a blast of electricity that stopped me from saying anything for a minute but as soon as i was able to i completed it what ever it was had to go through me to get out the open window behind me
10 minutes later i finished and the whole place was free of what ever it was and the feeling of the place changed to light and the malignacy was gone
I had had the house up for sale for five years people going to see it but no one put in offers and it sold one month later
you might have to look around the JOS site to find the exorcism ritual but it is there and it did work for me Hope it might help you Happy Magick Herbie


You can purchase the grand seal to protect you and you can respectfully tell the spirits be gone.

Omg that’s exactly what I was thinking. But I just don’t understand why my room? Whatever or whoever this is doesn’t want to leave.It is attached to me. Do you think it’s possible for a spirit to posse someone. Because honestly that’s what it feels like. But I’ll do that. Thanks.

I wasn’t sure that what was in our house would leave willingly which was why i added “In the name of Satan Lucifer” because I figured that there is none higher and they have always helped me in the past when things have got tough and impossible and it doesn’t hurt to have the most powerful by your side in a supernatural agument. With them by my side and a large helping of selfrightous idignation that it was a cosmic mistake and they (the entity)need to clear off, fortunately for me that worked. Best of luck and Happy Magick Herbie

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try to talk to him, ask him questions.

Nice story I love that site too, good job on being so thoughtful o the other spirits there giving them the chance to leave and not be harmed.
@Briizxy. I hope this post gives you the needed I o to get rid of that spirit a rape spirit is awefull I felt with nothing like that but I was computers being used to stimulate m genital nerves o fel like I was being touched happened or years I went insane then eventually came back, get this dude gone asap hope it goes well if you want to find the exact page I you Goole search the website name and the power word you should find I fast, I’m still exploring that web site I mainly just use the meditation Info lol, I think soon I might be able to do the ectoplasm meditation for accumulation of it to use in manafestation of a spirit.

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@vaynord It did state on the JOS site that if you use that word in the presence of human or animal spirits it will destroy them so I figured that a little help might be needed to ensure that did not happen Thanks for the tip on finding something on JOS web site that site is so vast you look at something and think "I’ll come back to that and then it takes months to find it again
Try the meditation the Hp on JOS calls it "a gift from Satan " it feels pretty cool

K will try to find the gift meditation.

Hi there Sorry I spelt it wrong it’s "vinasa"I have found it on the JOS site on the home page go to Satanic rites and rituals and in the banishing ritual is in there under banishing there is a really good intro to it as to give you an idea of the things you can use it for and i think it might fit your situation nicely all the best Herbie