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if you read the previous post then you’ll know about the situation with my brother. as of this morning my parents bonded him out. since last night i’ve been staying with a friend but from what my stepdad told me, my brothers been cooped up in his room since he got out. i may be overthinking/paranoid but since he’s gotten out bad things have happened. the weather suddenly taken took a turn for the absolute worst even though the forecast said it was supposed to be sunny for the next few days. since the storm started i kid you not, ive damn near been hit by lightning 4 different times. each time progressively getting closer, i swear by it. not only that but i’ve had 2 cars nearly hit me and my friends while driving and 1 other car nearly hit me while walking on a fucking sidewalk. i’m not that experienced and a brand new member so if any of you guys have any ideas or insight on the situation. i’m worried he may have done something while in his room to cause this if it’s even possible.

One’s own mind is more dangerous than anything an enemy could conjure up.

Don’t fall into the typical “I know someone who does voodoo, they cursed me, now weird things are happening” trap.

He may have cursed you, sure. So, what are you going to do about it?

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i fully understand what you mean and i’m keeping the paranoia to a minimum. even if he did curse me, i guess i would have to look into the topic of protection on here. but i’m mainly looking for some advice and guidance on what i should do if a curse was the case.

You can try this: Simple Sigil To Protect From Curses.

Call Archangel Michael.

Whether your bother has cursed you or not, he will protect you. And he doesn’t care if you are a black magician. Breaking curses and meting out justice is what he does, and he is unmatched in this regard.

Another option is the Angel of Deliverance, Opfaal, from the grimoire Kingdoms of Flame, by EA Koetting. He can break curses and also free the mind from fear. His seal can be found on this forum with a search.

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